Welcome to another new mobile network – Zevvle

Switch to them, top up and off you go. There’s an app that let’s you manage up to 5 SIM cards from one account and you can set spending limits too. Useful if you’ve got kids.

There’s no longer a subscription fee and you pay just £2 for an additional SIM card per month.

Sure, the £5 per GB doesn’t sound great – but for the infrequent user this could be just the right fit, especially when credit doesn’t expire. You only pay for what you use and there’s no out-of-bundle costs. They operate on the EE network and there’s no contract.

To get started, just download their app, sign up and they will mail your SIM first class. Interestingly, the bloke behind this whole operation is a mere 23 years old and he’s from sunny Bromsgrove, just a stones-throw from where I am now. Might go for a beer. :)

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