Just £1 for your first month with SMARTY. 30GB SIM-only.

This is a virtual network, but – like VOXI and VodafoneSMARTY is very closely aligned to their parent – Three. It’s basically a sub-brand of Three company and they’re aiming to attract customers who are mainly looking for cheaper deals.

That’s me then, because I’ve just completely nailed through my Vodafone data allowance. Luckily I have a phone with two SIM-card slots, so I can add another card and share the data usage out.

To do that, I’ve been having a look at this rather tasty SMARTY deal. It’s a 30-day commitment-free SIM-only plan which you can hop out of or cancel at any time and you get the first month for just £1. That’s ideal if you want to test the speed and coverage, but not only that – it’s only £10 per month normally and you get a whacking great 30GB of data to use!

There’s unlimited texts and calls and, like I mentioned before, if you’re not happy – hey, it’s only cost you £1. Ideal that, and this (considering I’ve only got 1GB left on my normal plan and it’s £8 to buy another 1GB!) is going to be the ideal fix for my next few weeks and months in hospital.