iD Mobile – 3 Months half-price deal

The people at iD Mobile (using the Three masts) have some deals on right now if you’re hunting for a SIM-only plan.

First of all we’d like to point you to this article about switching networks and the differences between them. It can be a little confusing, so it’s good to take a look over it, and to learn how to switch.

iD Mobile has a range of offers where they’re dishing out 3 months at half-price, then the remaining 9 months of the 12-month SIM-only plan is charged at the normal price. We’ve got our calculators out to see how that works out over the year.

First up, unlimited data, minutes and texts for £20.00 per month. However, you get 3 months for £10 per month, so it works out at £210 for the year or £17.50 if we average out the costs for the year.

Next, there’s a 20GB offer, again with unlimited minutes and texts. This costs £12 per month, with 3 months at £6 per month. That averages out at £12.25 per month.

Finally, if you’re looking for 12GB, there’s unlimited minutes & texts for £10 on this 12 month deal, with 3 of those months at £5 per month. That’s £105 for the year or £8.75 per month if you average it out.

It’s 4G only on these plans, but for most people that’s perfectly fine. You’ve got until January 20th to take advantage and they’re on from today!