SMARTY – On test

Just a few days ago I ran out of data. Stuck in hospital, and with only a relatively slow WiFi connection, I’d basically nailed all my allowance and was a bit “stuck”.

Luckily though, a lot of phones now have dual SIM trays, so – even if you don’t want to leave your current provider – you can have a different SIM just for your browsing and streaming needs.

I looked at this SMARTY offering because …

1 – It’s a 30-day deal.
2 – I get a massive 30GB of data per month.
3 – I only need to pay £1 for the first month.
4 – It’s only £10 per month after that.

They also do a 50GB plan for a mere £15. Both have unlimited texts, calls and they use the Three network. If you want to fully move over, this is super-simple. Just text your provider to get your PAC, give that to SMARTY and you’re done.

In my case though, I’d run into the “out of data” problem. I’m happy with my current provider and didn’t necessarily want to move, but I didn’t want to wait until my data allowance rolled around. Also, I didn’t want to pay the relatively high “one off” cost to have a bit more data added.

An extra 1GB of data on my bundle is £8

As you can see above, I could simply boost my current monthly allowance, but I figured that the £8 cost could be better spent elsewhere.

So, this led me to spend just £1 on this SMARTY SIM for a massive 30GB. It arrived in the post a couple of days later. Then, during my brief visit back home, I simply opened the double SIM tray, put the new SMARTY SIM into the second slot, then clicked “Activate” on the SMARTY website.

Once done, you get a dashboard showing how much you have spent (just £1 !) and your remaining data. There’s no app for SMARTY, so you just login via their site to get an update on your allowance.

Next, I set the phone to use the SMARTY SIM for data. Everything else (calls and texts) is going to be kept on my normal SIM. This is easily done in “Settings” and “WiFi and Network”, then into “SIM and Network”..

That’s pretty much it! I should also mention that you also get an extra SIM card to give out to friends or relatives. Nice touch 🙂

A typical SMARTY 4G speed test

To get more info, just head to the SMARTY website to choose the SIM that suits you!

Update – Even if you do run out of data on SMARTY, the cost of adding more data is really reasonable…