Go SIM-only! Get 10GB of monthly data with Vodafone for just £8

There’s a number of offers on the Vodafone SIM-only pages right now. If you don’t plan on roaming a great deal, these “Basics” plans are the perfect fit for those of you who already have a phone or perhaps you’re planning on buying one direct.

First of all, 1.5GB of data for £6 a month. Not a bad deal for a 12-month plan. Next up, for £8 per month, you get 5GB of data. This is up from the usual 1GB.

Best of all though, and an added 5GB of extra data every month, you can get 8GB of data (instead of 3GB) for £10 per month.

All of these offers include unlimited talk and texts. Roaming is no available on these plans and only emergency calls can be made when you’re abroad.