Smarty – 25% Off their Unlimited data plan

This is a “virtual” network operating on Three masts. In truth, they’re a company which is owned by Three and their registered address is the same as Three. Basically, you’re going to get the same Three coverage but, with this network, you can now get yourself a bit of a deal right now.

The offer is on their Unlimited plan, which gives you unlimited calls, texts and data. Normally it’s £25 per month but they’ve knocked it down to £18.75 and you get that forever.

Not bad eh?

That’s 25% off for life. Head to Smarty for more info.

If you don’t need quite that much, they also for do £7.50 for 2GB, £10 for 4GB or £15 for 8GB. You get money back for unused data too.

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Thanks 🙂