100GB of data on Vodafone? Just £9 per month

This might need you to faff slightly (it’s a redemption deal) but, instead of paying £20 per month for 100GB of Vodafone data, you can get it for what is effectively £9 every month.

That’s for full-on 5G data and unlimited texts and calls. It saves you £132 over the length of the one year deal.

Again, there’s an element of faffage – you’ll need to login to the Mobiles.co.uk “My Account” system and submit your Vodafone bill every couple of months, and then you receive a cheque by the looks of it (Hello, 1995 is calling) … but… come on, £9 for 100GB of data is pretty sweet.

In addition there’s a similar offering of 5GB data for £5 per month.