iD Mobile offers Bank Holiday Bargains

Sitting on the Three network, iD Mobile are rolling out some “Summer of LOADS more data” deals, expanding their normal offerings and adding some rather tasty offers into the mix.

The Bank Holiday deals run from August 28th until September 1st – just in time for the new school year if you’re looking to whack a SIM in a phone.

The first one we spotted is a SIM-only deal with a massive 100GB of monthly data – just £15 per month for that one.

If SIM-only is your thing, then £6 per month will get you 3GB monthly data and £10 per month will get your 12GB of data per month. These SIM-only deals all include unlimited minutes and texts, so you won’t get trapped like Gears did.

If you’re in the market for a phone, then the network is offering the iPhone SE with 20GB of monthly data for a mere £27.99 (£9.99 up front), or the iPhone 11 with 50GB data for £36.99 per month (£49.99 upfront). Unlimited minutes on those deals.

In addition, if you’re looking to go Android, the Samsung S10 Lite has unlimited data and minutes for £29.99 monthly (£19.99 upfront).

If you choose iD Mobile then you’ll also get “Data Rollover” to drop unused data onto next month. NHS staff on iD Mobile are also eligible for a free upgrade to unlimited data, minutes and texts until 9th October 2020.

Head to the iD Mobile website for more information on their Bank Holiday Deals.