More crazy SIM-only offers!

Right! More deals. More offers, but you have to be proper quick on this because they all end in just a couple of days from now.

First, these offers are all with Three and you need to join Topcashback to get the cashback, but that’s free and it takes seconds.

Secondly, this isn’t one of those “faffy” cashback deals where you have to send your bills in the post every three months. None of that. You just click the relevant link on the Topcashback site, buy the deal and the money drops into your account after a few weeks. Bosh.

Thirdly, I had to get a calculator out for this. The things I do fo you guys.

The biggest amount of cashback you can get here is £72.50. That’s if you buy the “Unlimited” SIM-only plan, which is a two-year contract. This is just £11 per month for the first 6 months, then it goes up to £22 per month after that. You get unlimited data, unlimited minutes & texts, free streaming with Go Binge and roaming to over 70 destinations. Now, that works out at 6 x £11 (£66) and 18 x £22 (£396). That’s a total of £462, but you get £72.50 as cashback that so it’s £389.50. Over two years that works out at £16.23 per month for unlimited everything. Boing.

There’s also other deals, including £62.50 cashback on the Three Unlimited 12-month SIM-only plan (which is £18 per month so £216 per year) After removing the £62.50 that makes it £153.50 over the year, or £12.80 per month for unlimited data, texts, data and free streaming on Go Binge plus roaming in 70 destinations. Wait. That’s cheaper than the 24-month offer I just mentioned!!

There’s a stack more offers (have a look here), including 12GB for £10 per month (12 month plan) with £57.50 off. I make that £5.21 per month!!

Get your ass over there. Cashback baby, it’s the future.

Here’s a few more to chew on…