Want a SIM-only deal for no more than £5 ? Check this out.

Head over to our friends at TotalPhoneDeals and you’ll find a number of SIM-only plans for less than £10. However, if you’re wanting to spend no more than £5, we’ve got a plan which could be just the thing.

It comes from Lebara. They’re a virtual network operator sitting on Vodafone masts and are now offering a £5 plan which delivers 2GB of data, 1000 UK minutes of talk and 1000 UK texts. Plus, if you want to call abroad, the £5 package has 100 minutes to over 40 different countries.

Available right here, it’s a 30-day rolling plan that allows you to stop, cancel or change your plan at any time – no fee. There’s a cap on it too, so no big out-of-bundle costs. Not only that, but there’s no charge for using your phone as a mobile hotspot.

No credit checks, no strings and a 4G data connection on the Vodafone network. Good that.

Lebara also offer 6GB for £10 (unlimited UK minutes and texts plus 100 international minutes) plus 8GB for £15 and 15GB for £20 – both of the last two packages add unlimited international minutes.