Want a new network? To the Moon Mobile has a plan.

No, I’ve not heard of them either, but they’re a new MVNO sitting on the EE network and seem to have a fairly straightforward set of plans. To The Moon Mobile have a rather interesting proposition for you.

First up, all their bundles come with unlimited UK calls and texts, so you just need to choose how much monthly data you have. For £10 per month you get 10GB of data, for £25 you’ll get 50GB.

However, they’ve sent us this game and, by playing it, you get to win data. It seems simple enough – a retro arcade game. Just fly the ship, collect all the green bits and off you go. However, things get fast very quickly. You can earn anywhere from 2GB up to 50GB of mobile data based on how many points you collect on your journey into the depths of Digital Space, and you get even more data if you share your score on social media.

To The Moon Mobile UK CEO, Andy Hallam, tells us..

Digital Space is another example of how we like to run a different ship at To The Moon Mobile – one with the customer in mind. Its why we are the first mobile brand on the market to offer a built-in crypto wallet, and now with Digital Space, a creative, fun way for mobile users to get more from their mobile service for less. Hot tip for any would-be Digital Space pioneers out there: it’s harder than it looks!

Digital Space is available to play now at tothemoonmobile.com/digitalspace. Find out more about the network on tothemoonmobile.com.

Edit – Seems like this is free data for month 1, and not re-occurring. Still, if you’ve got a second SIM-tray empty, this is a deal.