Virgin Media SIM-only deal. A massive 36GB monthly for just £13!

Morning all! Well, it’s Monday and yes, I’m actually still alive.

We thought we’d covered all the Virgin Media deals in this early post but no, there’s more.

Tucked away in the SIM-only deals are a couple of corkers. Now, I should point out that these are 4G-only plans right now and that Virgin Media uses EE masts, but they will be switching across to Vodafone soon and that’ll let them deliver 5G.

4G is OK for most people and the deal that raised my eyebrow is this one. A ma-hoosive 36GB of data every month for just a £13 monthly payment. That’s a bonkers amount of data for the money.

It’s a 12-month plan, so work that into the equation and check your coverage before you jump in. There’s also £5 off their 10GB monthly plan.

Head to the Virgin Media SIM only page for more info.