Three deals are ON, including 5G SIM-only unlimited everything for £16 per month.

Three have sent us a stack of deals as part of their Black Friday offers, but we need to highlight the best one first. It’s this badger. A 12-month, SIM-only, 5G deal giving you unlimited data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and the ability to tether and roam too.

That, and we’ve been watching these deals for a while now, is a “right proper deal”. Go here to get it and remember, it’s really easy to switch – just text “PAC” to 65075 with your current provider and give the resulting code to Three and.. you’re done. So easy and so, so cheap.

Other deals include the Apple iPhone 12 Mini with AirPods from £29.50 per month. Now, normally you’d think “ohhh, I bet it’s a three year deal and a massive upfront cost or a tiny amount of data” but no, none of it. Head here, and you’ll find it’s a £29 upfront cost and a two year deal, plus you get unlimited data, texts and calls!

In addition, Three have lopped £312 off the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G with 4 months of YouTube Premium. That’s a 24 month plan, unlimited texts, calls and data plus £49 upfront. It’s a £45 per month deal.

In addition, Three are dishing out a free Nest Speaker with the Google Pixel 5 and the Three Home Broadband is now £120 off – costing just £17 per month. No landline, no engineer, no waiting. Get details on that right here.