An iPhone 11 for £25.99 a month? It is possible

We had a rather lengthy email from Raylo just now which goes on about a new round of funding and how they’re about to disrupt the mobile landscape here in the UK. All good so far, but there’s some stuff you should know.

First, they (currently) only have two phones available. One is the iPhone 11 whilst the other is the iPhone 11 Pro. You can choose from a range of colours and storage versions, plus you can whack on phone insurance from £7.99 per month too.

Who are Raylo? Well, they’re not a network. Not an MVNO. They basically sell you a phone for a set monthly amount and then it’s up to you to switch your current contract agreement to a SIM-only with whichever network provider suits you. Good idea that, and you can save quite a bit doing it this way, as you’ll see from their pricing page.

Raylo offer upgrades after two years and the phones they supply are completely network free, so you can switch around to whatever network suits you and get a better deal. The only (very minor) thing you have to worry about is the fact that you’ll be paying two companies (Raylo and your chosen SIM-only network provider), but that’s a pretty small thing when you look at the savings to be had.

The company has a 96% “Excellent” Trustpilot rating and is expanding their business here in the UK. Hopefully they’ll be offering some more phones soon too.