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Lookout for iOS now updated – includes Signalflare

Recently the Android version of Lookout underwent a major overhaul and redesign.  Part of this relaunch included the introduction of Signal Flare. Signal Flare is an added protection against lost and stolen phones that automatically flags your phone’s location when the battery gets really low. That way

Tapatalk gets an update

Tapatalk has been around for a while now and updates keep coming. Using an iPhone 5 I welcomed this one. Now the app uses the full resolution of the new iPhone. Along with optimisation for the iPhone 5 they have also included stability and bug fixes. The

4G & EE – Now Open for business

If you are visiting the high street here in the UK today you may well notice a brand new name. With two yellow circles on a grey background, shop windows with no posters and clean fresh lines all over the place, the new brand that is EE

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to iOS and Android

On October 29th, it will be 10 years since Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, one of the most popular titles in the series. To mark this anniversary, Rockstar are enhancing the game for release on iOS and Android devices. Details, including a launch date, are thin on

iPad mini – An alternative advert

Personally I’ve no idea who this guy is. He looks weird, he sounds weird and… just what the heck is going on with that HAIR? Get a tan man ! Oh.. where was I? Apparently Conan O’Brien is a big US talk-show host and this is his

EE, Orange and T-Mobile to carry new iPad and iPad mini

Following a similar announcement by Three, EE have now also confirmed that they are to range the iPad mini along with the upcoming fourth generation iPad. Although there’s no news on prices or dates, a spokesman told us that the two new Apple products will be available

Apple will swap UK iPads if bought in the last 14 days

On Tuesday Apple announced the iPad mini but the also updated the iPad with Retina display. This has caused some controversy as typically Apple only refreshes its product lines once a year. I have spoken to several UK Apple stores this morning all of whom have confirmed

"Borderlands Legends" Is Coming To iOS October 31st

Have you been itching to do some Vault hunting on the go? If so, good news! Gearbox has announced Borderlands Legends, a spin-off of the Borderlands series for iOS. The game will not be a first-person shooter; rather the player will control all the original Vault Hunters

iPad Mini accessories now available

As is usual with any new product launch, accessories soon become available and in this case some of them are already in stock. UK online retailer Expansys has let us know about a range of cases they have in stock and some they have for pre-order. BELKIN

iPad mini finally announced. Smaller… yet larger than Nexus 7

Apple finally announced the second worst kept secret in the mobile industry this evening along with a number of other new products. Amongst the updated iMacs at 21.5 and 27 inches, they also revealed their 13 inch MacBook pro, the 4th generation iPad (and changed the name

Verbs gets taller + more

Verbs, what I consider to be one of the best IM apps for iOS got an update today. As you can see from the screenshot above. The developer Include Technologies have been quite the comedians using Emojicons to let us know what they’ve done. Love for the

PayPal gets iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support

I woke up this morning to a badge icon of 1 on the AppStore. Using an iPhone 5, I’m always hoping that the apps I use regularly will get updated to use the full screen sooner rather than later. This one was PayPal. I don’t use it

Bad Piggies – iOS

Yes folks, bad piggies is available on iOS. The guys who brought us Angry Birds have take the franchise to a new level and they have created another gem. At first looks, Bad Piggies seems a little bizarre. Believe me, it is. You don’t need to fling

Tiger Woods 2012 – iOS

Are you a golf pro? I’m far from it. Playing Tiger Woods 2012 makes me think I’m fantastic at golf. The game makes play relatively easy. Getting started can take a while before you can hit the ball. It looks for saved games in the cloud, you

Zeebox – Now controls your TV too (Update)

Got a Sky+ HD box? A Virgin Media Tivo box? Perhaps you have one of those clever Smart TV’s that lets you play those “backed up movies” on your NAS drive? Said yes to any of that? Good, because we need to talk about Zeebox. The app,

The tablet market. It’s all over – [opinion]

Well,that’s that then. October 23rd 2012 – The launch of the iPad Mini. Put the date in your diary. The date that any competition in the tablet market officially disappears. Maybe I’m a little premature in forecasting impending doom for competition within the sector but let’s be honest,

Add some novelty passes to Passbook on iOS

Passbook is slowly gaining traction on iOS and if you haven’t used it before and you’re curious to see how it works then you can add some novelty passes from historic events courtesy of Flon solutions.  You can download passes for such memorable journeys as Titanic’s maiden

Rumour – iPad Mini Pics leak on Twitter

SonnyDickson is not a familiar name within Apple circles, or at least he wasn’t until yesterday. Posted on his Twitter feed yesterday were a few images of what he claims is the reported upcoming iPad Mini.   The pictures unfortunately don’t stretch to a model that is working