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Climatecars – The eco-friendly car service, reviewed

Editors note – We get a lot of apps sent in for review. This one had a twist, they guys from ClimateCars wanted to show us their new iPhone app with a free drive around London. Well, we decided to offer this out to one of our

iOS App Store reaches 1 Million apps submitted

    Apple has reached a rather large milestone this week, according to Appsfire. Appsfire is an app discovery service who monitor the iOS (and Android) app stores and they believe from their data that the iOS app store  has now reached the 1 Million total apps

Maps for iOS? Nokia HERE is.. err.. HERE

Maps, on iOS? Let’s not go there shall we? Now Nokia are getting in on the act, launching a location and mapping service for iOS. It’ll be called “HERE”. Yes, iOS. Android soon, and Windows Phone of course too. It’s not just maps either, there’s navigation, offline

David Gilmour! App!

Right, RIGHT… that’s it. This has been doing my head in for days. I’m sure that they’re lovely people, but the PR team for this app have been badgering me for ages about this particular app and I’ll admit, I’ve caved in. But, I have no idea

Microsoft Office revealed – Coming to iOS and Android

Leaked shots of Office for Android and iOS have appeared on The Verge with just basic viewing of files available but, after paying extra for an Office 365 subscription, you’ll be able to edit files on the move too. Arriving on iOS first, it’ll also be available

CRC Pro-Cycling

The guys at Chain Reaction have teamed up with Billy Goat Entertainment to bring you a sports game with a difference. Like riding a bike but think the weather is too cold? We have a solutionfor you. Download CRC Pro-Cycling and get pedaling. The menu system

iOS 6.0.1 released; iOS 6.1 now available for developers

Apple has today pushed out the first minor bugfix to their recently released iOS 6 mobile operating system. The bugfix resolves several issues with the OS including, the camera flash not going off in some cases, a bug where the iPhone may not use the mobile network

My iOS experiment – Part 4

Regular readers might remember my plight to see what all of the fuss regarding iOS is about, one night a few months ago during one of our podcasts I had an idea. An idea that has cost me several hundred pounds so far, I bought an iPhone 4S. 

Google Play Store passes 700,000 apps mark

Last month it was announced by Apple that the app store had passed the 700 thousand apps mark. Well, in the spirit of true competition, Google has now also announced that the Play store has now also passed the 700,000 apps number. With the announcement of the

Google Maps coming to iOS – now in alpha build?

  There has been much chagrin and consternation around the removal of Google maps from iOS. Reports of Apple’s new mapping app vary from excellent to useless and the outcry was enough to provoke a public apology from Apple and also contributed to the removal of Scott

Lookout for iOS now updated – includes Signalflare

Recently the Android version of Lookout underwent a major overhaul and redesign.  Part of this relaunch included the introduction of Signal Flare. Signal Flare is an added protection against lost and stolen phones that automatically flags your phone’s location when the battery gets really low. That way

Tapatalk gets an update

Tapatalk has been around for a while now and updates keep coming. Using an iPhone 5 I welcomed this one. Now the app uses the full resolution of the new iPhone. Along with optimisation for the iPhone 5 they have also included stability and bug fixes. The

4G & EE – Now Open for business

If you are visiting the high street here in the UK today you may well notice a brand new name. With two yellow circles on a grey background, shop windows with no posters and clean fresh lines all over the place, the new brand that is EE

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to iOS and Android

On October 29th, it will be 10 years since Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, one of the most popular titles in the series. To mark this anniversary, Rockstar are enhancing the game for release on iOS and Android devices. Details, including a launch date, are thin on

iPad mini – An alternative advert

Personally I’ve no idea who this guy is. He looks weird, he sounds weird and… just what the heck is going on with that HAIR? Get a tan man ! Oh.. where was I? Apparently Conan O’Brien is a big US talk-show host and this is his

EE, Orange and T-Mobile to carry new iPad and iPad mini

Following a similar announcement by Three, EE have now also confirmed that they are to range the iPad mini along with the upcoming fourth generation iPad. Although there’s no news on prices or dates, a spokesman told us that the two new Apple products will be available

Apple will swap UK iPads if bought in the last 14 days

On Tuesday Apple announced the iPad mini but the also updated the iPad with Retina display. This has caused some controversy as typically Apple only refreshes its product lines once a year. I have spoken to several UK Apple stores this morning all of whom have confirmed

"Borderlands Legends" Is Coming To iOS October 31st

Have you been itching to do some Vault hunting on the go? If so, good news! Gearbox has announced Borderlands Legends, a spin-off of the Borderlands series for iOS. The game will not be a first-person shooter; rather the player will control all the original Vault Hunters