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Are you protected? Mobile Phone crime is on the rise….

Statistics released by the Metropolitan Police show that once again mobile phone crime is on the rise. The fact that 158 iPhones are stolen in London every day (total of 56,680 mobiles stolen between April & September) has led the force to launch an awareness campaign around

Temple Run 2 for iOS launches tonight

After the huge success of the Original Temple Run, the creators Imamgi Studios are bringing a Sequel. The craze of running along, jumping and sliding over and under tree roots collecting coins on the way, are you going to be joining in? It’s now available from the

New phones use lots more data, especially the iPhone 5!

Data analysis firm Arieso have been studying the data usage habits of global data connections to thousands of mobile devices, and has come up with some interesting trends on devices. Using the iPhone 3G as their baseline case and measuring other phone relative to that, the latest

My 2013 wishlist – Simon

Let’s face it, 2012 was a year of veritable delights.  From the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the iPad Mini the mobile world was once again a technology lovers paradise and 2013 promises to be no different. I’ve had a few wishes for the world of mobile

iPad Mini Case Comparison

Looking for a nice case to go with your new or indeed now not so new iPad Mini? Well here we have a quick look and comparison of 2 of the best. The Snugg iPad Mini case and the STM Skinny for iPad Mini. Both these cases

BBC Sport App launches for iOS

The BBC have today launched an app for iOS specifically for their extensive sports coverage. Unsurprisingly called BBC Sport, the app is curated by the top BBC sport journalists and is “the sports fan’s guide to live sport news, stats, fixtures and results” The BBC’s Head of

iOS App Review – Hundreds

Puzzle games are a well-established mainstay of iOS apps, especially those which are easy to pick up and play for a quick blast. Hundreds, the latest app from Semi Secret Software, has arrived and is looking to join the ranks of must-have puzzlers. The premise of Hundreds

My 2013 wishlist – Ravi (the iOS edition)

Putting together an iOS wishlist isn’t actually too easy. Year after year, Apple has slowly been filling in the little gaps, to the point where iOS is now a fairly mature offering. That said, there are still a few things I’d love to see from Apple come

iPhone 5 users reporting battery issues on iOS 6.0.2

A number of users are reporting shorter battery life after applying the new update to the iPhone 5. Apple released iOS 6.0.2 to the public on Tuesday, the update was to correct Wi-Fi issues on the new iPhone and iPad mini. Since its release, a number of

Instagram want to sell your photos, but you wont get a cut

The popular photo sharing app Instagram has updated it’s Terms of Use to include a few lines that are rubbing quite a lot of it’s users the wrong way. To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business may pay

Google Maps for iOS is back!

Do we really need to give you the history on this? Oh, OK. I’ll do it briefly then. If you had an iPhone a few months back then you’ll have used Google Maps as the default mapping solution. Apple changed all that though, and along cam Apple

Tim Cook hints at future of Apple TV

  Tim Cook was interviewed this week by NBC Rock Center and had some interesting things to say. H announced that some Mac manufacturing would be moving back to the US but the most interesting comment came when he was asked about Apple TV, a product Apple

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – iOS

Games publisher Rockstar games this morning made available Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. If you are in to the Grand Theft Auto titles you won’t be let down by this one, bringing one of the most popular to iOS is a good move you can even play

WordPress app update

If like me, you blog from your phone, updates to the apps you use are always welcome. WordPress have updated their iOS app. It’s gained a sound scheme and some bug fixes. My device is mainly on silent so the sounds aren’t really for me. The bug

New iPad with Retina Display now available at Vodafone UK

Want an iPad Retina? Don’t want to pay the one-off cost? Vodafone have 24-month plans with 2GB of data chucked in. They cost £27 per month and it’s just the cost of the iPad that varies. The up-front costs are… iPad 2 (16GB) – £69 New iPad(16GB)

iTunes 11 finally becomes available to download

The eagerly awaited update to iTunes 11 has gone live, I thought I would let the rush die down a little before I downloaded it. The update went live earlier this evening, 6PM. As with all Apple updates the servers get a huge amount of traffic when

TV Catchup Now in Microsoft Apps Store

TVCatchup, the service that enables you to watch live UK television on your computer, phone or other devices connected to the internet is now available to download from the Microsoft Apps store for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The app, also available on iOS and Android is a announces iPhone camera add-on

Yes, – famed for the Black Eyed Peas and persuading Mick Jagger to appear in that god awful song about getting hard and going home… or something. It seems the iPhone 4S and 5 having one of the better cameras in the smartphone world, is not