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BBM for Android and iOS in testing

Kenny Loggins has just emailed in with a cryptic email about taking the highway to the Beta Zone. We checked it out, and it looks like that’s where the BBM cross-platform beta lives at the moment. If you’re a bit special and you registered with the BlackBerry

Redesign iOS yourself, right here.

Want to cause an argument? Want to annoy anyone using an iPhone? Just say this.. “The OS is looking a bit old now isn’t it?” Start the car! Start the car!! Now you can design a new and improved iOS 7 with the aid of this iOS

The Android machine plows on and on.

7.4 million phones in 3 months.  That is 2.46 million phones a month. The figure above details Nokia’s handset sales of Windows Phones in 3 months.  not bad going that eh!? Now lets take the city of Birmingham in the Midlands, UK.  At the last census in

Google Maps update hits iOS

Google’s updated Maps app for iOS has hit the App Store. The new version, which brings improvements to search, navigation and traffic information, is also the first dedicated Google Maps app for iPad. Android users have had a week to play with the new features, as we

App store 5th birthday discounts

The Apple App store celebrates its 5th birthday on July 10th and as an early birthday present from Apple, you can get a range of top apps for free (and everyone likes free stuff). What’s more is that these aren’t your usual run of the mill apps

Samsung Galaxy S4 v Apple iPhone 5 – What is the best option?

Two of the biggest and best smartphones available on today’s market are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5. With both devices possessing impressive performance specifications, immersive touchscreen displays and multi-tasking capabilities, it is certainly a close battle. So, here is a comparison of two

Tim Cook calls Android “a pretty bleak story”

On stage yesterday the Apple CEO stood to talk to developers about why they should choose iOS over anything. Mentioning competitors directly, he showed the OS version fragmentation on Android and compared it to iOS. Some 93% of iOS users have iOS 6, whilst on Android there’s

iOS 7 announced – here’s the feature lowdown

Just in case you missed it, Apple have announced a new version of their popular iOS operating system – iOS 7. This new version of iOS is seen as an evolutionary step for the mobile platform, with Apple CEO Tim Cook saying that iOS 7 is the

WWDC Keynote 2013 – Live with Coolsmartphone

Join the Coolsmartphone team from 6PM BST as we cover Apple’s 2013 WWDC keynote. We expect to see new versions of iOS and Mac OSX, as well as a few new hardware goodies – a lack of leaks this year has, however, left us pretty much in

Gmail update brings multiple inboxes

  In what is a fairly major update, Google have added multiple Inboxes to Gmail on the web and to its Gmail and iOS apps. The inboxes take the form of tabs, with categories for Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. The idea is that bulk mail

Google Babel launches as the new Hangouts

  Google finally took the wraps of Babel yesterday with the relaunch of Hangouts, a cross-platform unified messaging service to take on the likes of iMessage, Facebook Chat and WhatsApp. Users no longer have to contend with separate Google Talk, G+ Messenger, G+ Hangouts and Google Voice

My choice of apps – 1Password

 Hands up if you use the same password at more than one website. Now keep your hand up if all your passwords are more than 12 characters, contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters. Where did everyone go?!  Until recently I used

BBM coming to Android and iOS

BlackBerry have just posted that BBM is coming to both Android and iOS this summer. It’ll be available as a free download from the relevant app stores. Although this is great news for anyone who’d like to keep on touch with their BlackBerry-packing friends, they have left it

Flipboard 2.0 arrives on Android

The new version of Flipboard for Android has hit the Google Play Store. It packs some new features including personally-curated magazines, improved search, notifications and a bookmarklet. It’s the Android version of the same Flipboard 2.0.1 update which hit the App Store in the middle of last

Instagram introduces “Photos of you”

Instagram, the photo sharing app has announced a new feature. Billed as “Photos of You” the feature now allows users to tag photos, either with names or brands.  These photos will then show up in the Photos of you section of your profile. Notifications are sent when

Google Now comes to iOS

Google Now. Love it or hate it, it’s a very clever do-hickey. Up until now it’s been firmly sat in the Android camp, but now it’s coming to iPhone too. Google Now, for those that aren’t aware, pops up some helpful cards that you’ll be needing throughout

BBC iPlayer Radio launches on Android

Back in October I wrote a small piece regarding the launch of iPlayer radio.  At the time the app was only available on iOS with an Android version said to be following soon. Well, some 6 months later the Android version has finally launched and it looks quite impressive.

Cut The Rope Time Travel now available

I’m a big fan of Cut The Rope, and noticed yesterday that a new version is out, called ‘Time Travel’. This edition sees the awesome Om Nom travel though time (see what they did there?) meeting ancestors  and gulping down yet more candy. Perhaops they’ll be a ‘Cut

Chatheads for iOS and Facebook Home for Android released in the UK

Changes are afoot for the Facebook app for iOS.  The iPhone and iPad apps will both get an update today which means that it will now include new features in private messages. Stickers are a new way of expressing yourself within messages…… Also released is the much