New Hands Free Traffic App with Data Supplied By The Highways Agency

New Hands Free Traffic App with Data Supplied By The Highways AgencyFor those that are constantly on the road, the Highways Agency has reached an agreement to feed up-to-date traffic information from England’s motorways and major A roads into a new hands-free app for smartphones.  The app from Information Logistics Inc automatically updates travel advisories based on your location provided by your phones GPS.

Turn the app on before you leave for your journey and it will update and read out any alert as you enter the user definable range.  Put the handset down and the app will continue to update and read alerts for reported conditions as you near them.  Once all issues are broadcast the app will go quiet until there is an update to an advisory within range, or until you have just come within range of another advisory or a set time period has elapsed (that you get to set) and you want to re-hear all advisories that are still in range.

If you get a call or make a call while a travel alert is playing and do not have a mobile plan that allows simultaneous data and voice, the alert will pause, and will resume playing when the call has ended.

User Modifications Features/ Experience
You can modify several options such as the advisory replay interval and the range (in miles) for hearing advisories. These configurations are saved on your phone.

The application gives you audio player controls for Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, and Replay All.

You can manually request advisories to play by pressing the “play” button.

If the GPS signal is not available the device will utilize the highest precision location tool available (whether it be GPS or cell tower triangulation).

You do not need to register to use this app or to get these alerts. We don’t get or record any identifying information about you or your phone. By default, you will be elected into reporting your device-determined speed along with your location to our servers, but you can elect to opt-out from within the application. You must opt-out of this selection each time the application is restarted.

The app is available free on both Google Play and iTunes

New Hands Free Traffic App with Data Supplied By The Highways Agency New Hands Free Traffic App with Data Supplied By The Highways Agency


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  • Anonymous

    Looks more like advertising app, traffic seems to be something extra

  • TrafficTalker

    NOT an advertising app. It’s traffic & travel advisories. All data is provided by the Highways Agency, a government department. It’s a smart, safe way to get up-to-date motoring information. It’s also entirely free.