The iPhone 5 – Really? Is that it?

Rumours are annoying at times. Before the Samsung Galaxy SIII launch, details and “blurrycam” photos were hitting websites all over the web and they were mostly wrong. Now it is the turn of Apple and the iPhone 5, and a recent set of rumoured images and video are getting a lot of attention.

Many are calling these shots to be the “most likely” representation as it matches many other leaks. These shots have been created after leaked parts were connected together. Many are convinced that this handset, which seems to have a larger screen, two-tone colours, a new connector and a base-mounted headset port, will indeed be the new iPhone 5.

Now, before I get to my point, I’d like to say that “innovation” seems to have become harder to find lately. During Mobile World Congress I mentioned how nearly every manufacturer had 8 megapixel cameras, DLNA, NFC and beautiful screens. Many companies were turning to software tweaks to differentiate their phones, and we saw how the Galaxy SIII used software as their strength during the unveiling. I’m assuming that Apple will do the same with their iPhone 5 because, unless they add 4G, I have to say.. “Is that it?”

At first glance it has the same look as the iPhone 4 but with a larger 4″ display (according to rumours). If people are “holding off” upgrading, will these images convince them to go for a Samsung Galaxy SIII or wait for the iPhone 5? If it were me,  I’d go for the SIII, but I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially from iPhone fans.

Perhaps there’s a bigger question. Has phone design stopped innovating now? Smartphone buyers are met with a wide range of devices which all look pretty similar. Black slate design, a screen consuming the front and a couple of buttons at the base.

Oh course, this could just be clickbait / mockup / rumours / rubbish. I hope it is, because if there isn’t a radical software enhancement this looks a little too similar to previous versions and too “safe”. Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps, like Porsche, the best design is better left alone.

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  • To me it just seems like ‘nothing new to see here’. I’ll be holding out for the next nexus…

  • Anonymous

    i prefer Android to apple mainly because all the iphone is is a list for Apps, i.e. a menu. But the Galaxy sIII is just too big it is massive, so I went for the Sony Xperia S, it a very nice phone apart for the buttons.

    If this is the design of the new iphone (not to sure) then design innovation has stopped at apple.??

    • Stranger

      Yeah, it’s true that you need man-hands for the sIII. It’s the best phone I’ve had.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to deny the fact that I love my current iPhone 4, and at the time it was released, it was definitely the best smartphone around (in my opinion, of course). At the very same time I bought it, I got myself an HTC Desire (I maintain two contracts, one for work, one for personal), which was the only comparable option at the time. I liked the Desire, but it just wasn’t as useful to me as the iPhone.

    Since then, I’ve had a couple more Android handsets (the SII and HTC One X), both of which I very much like, but my iPhone is still my ‘go-to’ phone. It’s still the device I pick up and do internet stuff on, run Apps and generally use for communicating. Despite the vastly bigger screen of the HTC One X, and my huge man sausage fingers, the iPhone is definitely more pleasant to type on, and I can achieve very good speeds indeed.

    So, while part of me thinks that it’s good they haven’t changed the iPhone considerably (what they do is working), it makes me disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be a new ground-breaking design or innovation. Bear in mind that in essence, this thing has been two years in the making.

    I still don’t get the feeling that it will sport many of the new features that were hyped just before the 4S release (NFC, etc). Surely Apple, with their vast resources, can come up with something that little bit better than the competition? I can’t help but feel that since Steve Jobs exited, they haven’t really done anything particularly impressive. Retina displays on stuff in the range which didn’t have it? Big wow. I’m pretty sure nothing else of note has been achieved since the new guy came along.

  • Rimberry

    Im waiting for BB10 phone, i dnt see anything exciting around this rumors of a new iphone 5. True it WAS the best phone, but ios is now the oldest UI. Huh!!! Another redundant from apple. Tumbs down apple. . Im not a samsung fan, but I must say Galaxy S3 is a smart choice rather than iphone5. Iphone5 with Bigger screen and then what performs the same, ugh! Higher resolution retina screen, then not all apps are compatible, pointless.. Upgraded SIRI, umm… U just add few tricks for babies.. Then they would add more apps when they release this. Fckin kidding me!!! Apple is a clown, and the jokes are on their loyal fans… Lmao. ” iphone5, true!! Is that it! “. Hahaha

  • rjermany

    nothing has changed….. im waiting for the Nokia Lumia 920 :D