Samsung and Apple ship almost half the world’s smartphones – IDC

The IDC figures are out. Samsung now have nearly a quarter of the market, holdiing a 24.1% market share in Q2 2012. Compare that to an 18.8% market share last year. Nokia are still in the top five mobile phone vendors but have seen their market share dip from 22% last year to 20.6% this year.

Drill down into the Smartphone category and it’s interesting to see who isn’t in the top 5. There’s no sign of LG, Sony or Motorola. Up top once again is Samsung, who’ve carved up a mammoth 32.6% market share and shipped 50.2 million smartphones in Q2. Apple are now way behind and have seen their market share drop nearly two percentage points to 16.9% and shipped 26 million devices. This dip is expected though, as things usually slope off before the next iPhone is released.

Nokia are managing to hold onto 6.6% of the market, but that’s down from 15.4%, while HTC have seen their share dwindle a little, although they’re still holding the number 4 slot. ZTE have see their share rise substantially thanks to cheaper Android smartphones becoming popular replacements for featurephones.

Make of this what you will, but like I keep saying, ZTE, Huawei and others are poised to jump ahead. Even the mighty Samsung can’t assume that the war is won – Apple are about to launch the iPhone 5 and no-one really knows how much of an impact this will mate. Never rest on easy in this fast-changing mobile landscape.

Link – IDC