Bored? Hazardous Balloon Will Help!

Bored? Hazardous Balloon Will Help!
Do you find that you get bored during your commute, in the evenings or those wet weekends waiting for the new week to start. Hazard Creation have come up with a neat little game that can kill a few hours here and there.

The app is simple. My 5 year old picked up my 4S and started playing the game without any issues or even asking what to do. It’s also a good one to keep the little ones occupied while your waiting for food in a restaurant or taking a drive to visit family.

The aim of the game is to blow the Animated Hot Air Balloon around the screen to collect the mini balloons. It sounds simple and it really is although you do need to be careful of the obstructions that appear. There is a wide variety of obstructions, varying from. The lightning destroys the balloon but others just cause you to go off course and if your balloon goes off of the screen you have to start the level again. Even though the game is easy you do come up against some tricky bits.

The quality of the graphics is excellent, designed for the Retina displays it’s to be expected but they are fantastic with some nice animations and the game play is smooth with its Simple Physics.

Bored? Hazardous Balloon Will Help!

Go on, pop over to the AppStore and have a dabble. Let us know what you think in the forums after too.

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