iPhone 5 – The queues have already started

Sure, you could just pre-order an iPhone. Just a couple of clicks, then you’re free to sit in front of your favourite TV show or perhaps pop to the pub.

However, down in Regent Street, there’s people waiting for the new iPhone 5. It’ll be available to buy on Friday, but there’s already people camped out on the footpath.

Oh but wait, that’s not the best bit. They’ve been there since Saturday. Richard, George and his mates appear to be at the front of the queue (or “line” if you’re from across the water) and, before you judge them, they’re raising money for charity by doing this. Their updates are being posted on on CrowdFuelledCauses.com with money going to help Vulnerable Women across the UK. They’re also promoting their “Hope Boutique Bakery” which will offer a relaxed atmosphere for those suffering from domestic abuse.

They’re looking to raise £20,000 but have only raised £75 so far, so if you’ve got lots of money washing around, do pitch in.

Links – CrowdFuelledCauses.comHope Boutique BakeryVulnerable Women

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