Pre-order the iPhone direct

Pre order the iPhone directSo, if you don’t fancy shackling yourself into a contract and you’ve got pots of money just hanging around your house, why not pre-order one without a contract? Both the black and white version (16GB) come in at £529 but they will limit sales to two per customer (assuming you’ve got £1058 free). If you want to step up to the 32GB version then you’ll need to raid the piggy bank a bit – that’s £599. The “top end” is the 64GB version, which is £699.

Grab the link below if you’d like to pre-order. There’s currently a 2 week dispatch time. If you’re on your iPhone now, try out the Apple store app as it’s meant to be quicker.

Link – iPhone (

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  • ian david

    Worth thinking about the new SIM situation if you don’t want PAYG. Will your current provider give you a new SIM without any strings attached? Will you be able to use any new contract – or only expensive iphone 5 ones?

  • I’ve been told it won’t work on the 3 network as it is a GSM phone and not compatible with the CDMA. Is this true?