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Acer Liquid Jade S Review

It has been a while since I have done a review of a new phone so when Acer asked me to test the new Jade S I figured I would give it a shot. I had done a small article when the prices were announced a while

Acer Liquid Jade S – Unboxing

A package arrived the other day and in it there was a very shiny box with an Acer Logo on it. Why don’t you join me while I unbox this little shiny box? What we have here is a pretty neat phone that is coming in a

Acer Liquid Jade S ready to buy now

Fancy yourself some mid range Android goodness? Dont ‘want to be a Samsung clone? This might be of interest to you then. Just before Christmas our founder and all round legend Leigh went on an excursion from deepest darkest Englandshire to the fruitful and vibrant city of

CES – Acer H7550ST. Yes, it’s a projector, but wait…

A projector isn’t something you’ll see covered a great deal here. Yes, there’s projectors that you can connect your phone to etc, but this puppy is really quite interesting because inside there’s a Chromecast dongle. Acer have strapped one inside of this so that you can watch

CES – Jade Liquid S Announed

Remember my look at the Acer Liquid Jade ? The camera wasn’t exactly great but I definitely liked the styling in my mini review and subsequent video overview. Now, a newer version, packing a more powerful front camera (5 megapixel instead of 2 megapixel) but the same

Acer Liquid Leap and Jade video hands on

You’ll have probably noticed the Acer content this past weekend. We were lucky enough to get a hands on with a number of their devices and you’ll no doubt have read our overview of the Liquid Jade and the fitness band, the Liquid Leap. Whilst in Edinburgh

Acer Liquid Jade – Mini review

There’s a wide variety of handsets around but , as you’ll no doubt know yourself, they all have a very similar design – one big screen up front, a couple of cameras and that’s about your lot. Yes, I’m generalising a little, but my first impressions from

A look at the Aspire Switch 10

Acer have sent us to Edinburgh and have loaned us a number of devices – the Acer Liquid Leap (a fitness band), the Acer Liquid Jade (a shockingly slender smartphone), the Iconia Tab 8 and the device I’m using to type this out – the Aspire Switch

Acer Leap now available to buy

It’s a hard time of year to start a new exercise regime. The days are short, it’s cold and Christmas is right around the corner. Come on, we’re going to pig out and we’ll probably love every minute of it. The diet and exercise starts in January,

Acer announce the Liquid Z500

Acer have announced a few new devices over at IFA in Berlin. The most interesting to us here at Coolsmartphone is the Liquid Z500. Which so far all they’ve actually said is it has a 5″ HD display and an 8MP F2.0 camera. They have published a

Acer announce availability of the Liquid Jade and Leap

Acer announced their new budget phone and wearable earlier on in the year, in June at Computex and they are going to be showing them off in September at IFA and you’ll be able to buy them from the end of September. Spec wise the phone is

Acer Liquid E700 only £160 unlocked

Amazon in Germany have just added this quad-core handset, which has a 5″ Zero-Air-Gap IPS HD screen (1280 x 720), 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and runs Android 4.4.2. The Acer Liquid E700 is called the Trio because it can take three SIM cards, so one for work,

Acer Liquid Z5 – Review

I recently received the Acer Z5 budget smartphone through for review, and despite there being a dual-SIM variant, this is the single SIM version. After unboxing my first impressions were… “Hang on, someone has put a Nexus 5 in here by mistake!” Good Points Good feel in

Acer Iconia B1-720 – Review

Acer keep on releasing products, year in year out. Seemingly regardless of whether or not the product will sell, it just like clockwork, another year another tablet. The Iconia B1-720 is the latest in their budget range of 7″ Android tablets, the Iconia B range offer reasonable

Asda to knock out the Acer Liquid Z5 for £99

Just last month we spotted that the budget-priced Z5 was available in the UK.  Trouble was,  it cost around £145. Now the mighty Asda are doing the dual-SIM device for just £99. Although we’d probably still go for the Moto G, it’s an OK price for a

Acer S2 does 4K at MWC OK

This is the Acer Liquid S2. It’s a monster of a device and I’ve carried around Barcelona for the past few days. It comes equipped with a 6″ Full HD IPS screen at 1920×1080 (368PPI) and has a rather smooth zero gap display with a curved Gorilla

Hands on with the Acer Liquid E3

A few days ago Acer announced two new smartphones just before Mobile World Congress and the Liquid E3 got a lot of attention for a rather unique feature on the camera. We just went to the Acer event before the official conference starts on Monday and were

Acer Iconia B1-720 – Initial Impressions

Google and Asus with the Nexus 7 tablets have really tipped the whole Android tablet market on its head. They showed the world that you didn’t need a fancy skin and premium materials to make a decent tablet, you just needed reasonable materials and non cluttered software