CES – Liquid Z410 4G Smartphone announced. Mid-range and cheap.

CES   Liquid Z410 4G Smartphone announced. Mid range and cheap.
Let’s get to the nitty-gritty shall we? You’re gonna be seeing a stack of CES-related announcements this week as the big tech show kicks off in Las Vegas. This is the first of many, the Acer Liquid Z410. It’s got a 4.5″ 245 ppi screen, it’s 64-bit and it’s going to be available here in Europe from the end of February for a mere €129. That’s just £101.

Powered by a quad-core CPU it has a 5 megapixel rear shooter (autofocus and LED flash) and 2 megapixel 80 degree wide-angle front camera. The camera has a new UI with quick-settings to get you into the mode you need in an instant. These include “Dual Shot” for shots from the front and rear cameras at the same time, “Presentation Mode” for snapping documents and they’ve now added voice commands so you can just say “Cheese” to take a snap.

It’s not just about the cameras though, as the Z410 also has a speaker up front providing DTS Studio Sound. There’s also a battery providing 400 hours standby time and an”AcerRAPID” key for speedy access into customizable actions in one touch. This, with “Acer QuickTouch” for gesture control, means you should be able to get into the tasks and apps you need quickly.

CES   Liquid Z410 4G Smartphone announced. Mid range and cheap.

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