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LG G4 – Review

Most phones look the same. Big screen? Check. One button up front maybe? Check. Manufacturers struggle to achieve differentiation. LG have tried to stand out from the crowd by keeping the screen large and reducing the bezel, which means a better one-handed experience. It also means that

Amazon drop Fire Phone to £99

Right now over on Amazon.co.uk the company is selling off its Fire Phone device which is still exclusive to O2 here in the UK. Since its launch the branded device has failed to capture mainstream attention and has been a little bit of a flop, with a

Apple watch in stores today!

Anyone wanting to purchase their very own Apple Watch will today be able to. Just head to your local Apple store as the company is finally allowing in store pickups. Until now customers have had to order online and wait the 1-2 weeks minimum to have their

EE announce Harrier branded tablet

Not long ago EE announced two new devices – the Harrier and Harrier mini. Now the network has added a new tablet to their range called the Harrier Tab and it costs £199 on PAYG, or £18 a month on contract giving 10GB a month. Specifications include

LG G4 Photo special – Teaser

Anyone who follows me on social media (I’m @mobilemandan on Twitter) will know that I love my phone photography. I am by no means a pro at it, and I’m still learning the different settings from ISO to shutter speed. However, with smartphone camera technology getting better

EE Osprey Mini 2 review

Getting online these days is more important than it ever was before, in some cases being able to get online for email and browsing is more important than a phone call or text message. There are a few ways to get online if you have a tablet

Apple Music announced at WWDC event

Ever since Apple purchased music company Beats for £1.8bn of loose change in 2014, there have been rumors that the tech company has been planning a music streaming service to compete with the likes of Spotify and Google Play Music, both long standing players in the industry.

Three vow to #makeitright

Three have today launched their latest advertising campaign featuring purple character ‘Jackson’ and will air tonight at 9:30pm in the UK. The new motto for the brand and advert is #makeitright where Three want to take on the challenges of the mobile industry….and if something sucks….they want

Apple Watch in stores from 26th June

Apple have announced that their latest product type, the Apple Watch will be available to buy in some stores from 26th June. All orders before now have been for delivery only, leaving the in store experience for trying on the different versions. The company also announced that

Galaxy S6 touring Madrid

There are many new phones on sale now with fantastic cameras built in, but are these modern smartphones good enough to replace a standalone camera when going on holiday? The gap has got smaller and smaller as each manufacturer brings out their latest and greatest, and in

Samsung Galaxy Tab A announced

Samsung have this morning announced a brand new tablet going by the name Samsung Galaxy Tab A. You’ll see it on sale from the 21st of May. Both WiFi and LTE versions will go on sale so customers can decide which is better suited for their connectivity

EE reach 10 million 4G customer mark

UK network EE has announced they have reached the 10 million 4G customer mark. This makes them the biggest 4G network in Europe. The company, which was created by merging both Orange and T-Mobile UK, was a landmark merger for the telecoms industry. It meant that 4G

Prestigio MultiPhone 5550 Duo – Review

Prestigio might not be a name you have heard in the mobile space before, but sometimes the hidden gems are the best ones.. maybe. The 5550 Duo features a 5.5 inch display with a 13 megapixel camera on the back,  8GB storage which is expandable via microSD

UNU DX-Free case review

On modern smartphones battery life can take a massive hit. Consider all your favourite apps running in the background, emails, tweets and updates plus GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. There are portable chargers available which help boost the battery but these need to be carried around with your

Could an iPad replace a laptop?

In a time when every news site and blogger wants to be first out the door with news, having the right equipment is more important than ever. As a mobile blogger myself and someone who likes to share news,  I normally take a mobile phone for tethering

Three confirmed to stock LG G4

LG have just announced their new flagship device called the G4 and it looks awesome. Specs include a 5.5 inch Quad HD display with amazing colour accuracy. There is a Snapdragon 808 processor under the hood paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Camera wise you get

The Apple Watch. What’s it like to wear £12,000 ?

Arriving for a meeting in London later in the day I had already decided to visit the Apple store in Regent St. However this was for no ordinary everyday browse, this time it was to try on their new VERY limited ‘Edition’ Watch. This starts at £8,000 for

EE report Q1 results

EE have this morning posted their Q1 2015 results with an impressive 1.7m additional customers. This means that they now have a grand total of 9.3m users. The company also updated us on their coverage rollout, with 4G now hitting 87% and the double speed network at

Three UK Network evening

I am here in London finding out the future plans for the Three network thanks to an invite from their team. The network has invited along a range of social media fans and some press to announce what they have in store for us going forward. As

Three UK announce Honor 6+ pricing

UK network Three have just announced pricing for the brand new and exclusive Honor 6+ device. The Honor 6+ is a specification powerhouse at an amazingly affordable price as you will see in the press release The Honor 6+ goes on sale 1st May both online and