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Lumia 930 bargain at EE

The new Lumia 930 is going on sale tomorrow here in the UK (Thursday 17th July) and many of the networks have decided to stock it, including EE on their 4G brand. What is amazing is the PAYG deal they have managed to put together, the only

Google Glass unboxing

Ever since I saw the demo video at Google I/O back in 2012 I have been amazed by Glass and what it can offer. Sure, it is not for everyone, but there are so many possibilities not even imagined yet. Until recently you had to live in

Three launch new SIM only plans

Three UK has today launched a new range of SIM-only contracts. In a way this mirrors how they relaunched their contract plans recently. Customers will be able to start at just £7 a month for 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. This includes free 0800

Lumia 930 launching 17th July

The latest Lumia flagship – the Lumia 930 – will arrive in the UK for sale on the 17th July, just 10 days away from today. The Lumia 930 is an amazing device packed with some great technology such as a 20 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera using

New Samsung tablets launch on Three today

Samsung recently announced 2 brand new tablets to go on sale, one with an 8.4 inch screen and the other with a larger 10.5 inch screen. Both pack a super high resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, making it really sharp. These go under the brand of

£99 G Watch with a G3 purchase at Three

Google announced availability of the new LG G Watch last night in San Francisco with pre-orders live right now. It costs £159 here in the UK, and the device will ship on the 4th July. This is a great price for what looks to be an exciting

EE expand 4G coverage to 73%

EE have just announced an additional 14 locations have been switched on for their 4G service. This brings the total to 229 large towns or cities, meaning a 73% population coverage. EE are on a big push for their 4G rollout, meaning many more can experience the

Google Glass lands in the UK

Google Glass has been available in America for a little while now to developers as long as you are happy to spend $1500 on the Explorer option. Now Google have announced that customers in the UK are able to get them too. It’s available for the small

LG G3 launching on Three UK 26th June

LG have started sending out press devices of the new LG G3 so that sites can get reviews up, and that means the general public should also be able to purchase one shortly. We heard lots of talk that the G3 will launch in the UK on

Three inTouch WiFi app now in beta

Mobile signal is, pretty obviously, critical for calls and texts. However, there are times when you just struggle to get signal in your location. Maybe there is really bad weather, maybe you live in an old house with thick walls, or maybe you just live too far

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom review

Samsung are known for pumping out device after device from their design factory, and one that was rather unique but caught a lot of attention was the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. The handset packed an S4 mini and a Samsung camera into a single device and we

EE take 4G coverage to 72%

EE have just announced that they have added 15 more towns to 4G bringing their total coverage to 72% population over 215 towns The new towns are Gateshead, Birkenhead, East Grinstead, Leighton Buzzard, Wallasey, South Shields, Wakefield, Coatbridge, Lisburn, Bangor (NI), Newtownards, Omagh, Port Talbot and Neath.

Three increase Feel at Home to 16 locations

UK network Three have just announced an additional 5 countries have been added to their great roaming service called ‘Feel at Home’ If you did not know about the service before now, it lets you take your UK allowance of calls, texts AND data abroad to certain

Apple confirm Beats purchase for $3bn

This news we expected for a while, especially with Dr Dre on video talking about being a ‘billionaire’. We knew it was all but signed. The deal is now confirmed by Apple. They have purchased Beats – the company that makes headsets and speakers. Beats also provide a music streaming

Three UK confirmed to sell LG G3

There was little to find out about the new LG G3 which was announced today, mainly due to all the leaks, dummy phones and even LG posting a launch page ahead of time. With the device now official and announced to the world, Three have already started

Three 4G MiFi unboxing

Recently we brought you the news Three UK have launched a new 4G dongle and a 4G Mifi device. These will allow customers access to mobile internet at speeds up to 50Mbps download and upload around 20Mbps on the new 4G network. We now have one if

EE Kestrel review

EE as a brand have been around for 2 years now. They hit the headlines after launching 4G services nearly a full year ahead of the competition. Both Orange and T-Mobile brands have had quite a few devices made for them by manufacturers already, but with 4G

EE branded Kestrel phone now on sale

Today EE have put on sale their first new branded device. Carrying thename ‘Kestrel’, it is available on both PAYG and monthly contracts. The Kestrel is mainly based on the Huawei Ascent G6 with a few modifications. This brings the cost down to just £99.99 on PAYG

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom announced

Samsung have today added a new range to their ‘Galaxy’ portfolio – the new K Zoom. This replaces the S4 Zoom, which has been available for a while. This new device is much thinner than the S4 Zoom and boosts the specifications even higher. It features a

EE hits 200th town 4G milestone

UK network EE have this morning announced they have now reached their 200th town for 4G. This brings them up to 72% 4G coverage across the UK. EE tell us that they have a strict guideline when it comes to announcing who is now “4G enabled. The announcements only

Vic Gundotra leaves Google

If you have seen any of the recent Google I/O keynote events, you will know who Vic is. Vic Gundotra’s job at Google was head of social platform Google+ and was often a major part of the yearly announcements by the company over in America closely followed by Hugo

Cortana VS Google Now

Most of you will have heard of Siri, the personal Apple assistant used by millions of people around the world. It’s used for all sorts of different tasks and has been around for a while now. Maybe you only use to set an alarm instead of going

NEST lands on Google Play store

Some of you may know what NEST is, however there are a large amount of people reading this who will be wondering just what we are talking about. No, it’s not where birds live. Not in this instance anyway. NEST is a clever self-learning thermostat for your home that

LG G-Pad easter bargain at £119

Tesco Direct are selling off the LG G-Pad 8.3 at an amazing price of just £119 as part of their easter sale. This price is only on the white model – the black one will still set you back the full £250. Whilst rival company Asda were selling

HTC One M8 gets price increase at Three

HTC both announced and launched the new One M8 on the same day, much to the surprise of many. One network who offered the best price (if you wanted it on Pay As You Go) was Three. Three were charging £459.99, however today online and in store prices have jumped

HTC One M8 – Review

HTC are a company known for making high end smartphones such as the Desire, Sensation and Legend. Their premier device of 2013 – the One – has now been uprated and the new version is known as the M8. The company announced two new devices at MWC

Windows Phone 8.1 developer software coming next week

Microsoft held their Build 2014 event recently and the focus for mobile was on Windows Phone 8.1. The improvements it brings to the mobile platform include a new voice assistant called Cortana, background tiles and a notification centre the company calls ‘Action centre’ plus much more. The