Vodafone donate to Leicester Counselling Centre

Vodafone have awarded £1000 to Leicester Counseling Centre to help locals who are in need of counselling for various situations.

The company have helped over 170 local communities so far with generous donations thanks to their Community Connection Award scheme.

Vodafone donate to Leicester Counselling Centre

Othet donations and feedback from recipients include

Vodafone donate to Leicester Counselling Centre

Hyndburn Used Furniture (Accrington) – collecting and suppling household appliances and items of furniture for minimal cost to those considered most in need.

The £1,000 award was used to purchase uniforms and waterproof clothing

“It’s absolutely fantastic and it means our volunteers can stay warm and dry. They spend all day collecting bulky items – so it’s greatly appreciated. We support lots of people in need and our volunteers come from everywhere.”
Lisa Allen, Manager

Vodafone donate to Leicester Counselling Centre

Homestart (Broadstairs) connecting volunteers with families with at least one child who is going through times of stress.

The £1,000 award was used towards their Starting Right programme which focuses on the health and well being of local children

“We are very grateful to Vodafone for the generous donation. Like all our income, it will go to continue our support to families throughout Thanet and Broadstairs.”
Sharon Tait, Executive Manager

Vodafone donate to Leicester Counselling Centre

Lakeland Special Olympics Club (Enniskillen) helping people with disabilities to take part in sporting activities and stay active.

New kit for their athletes was purchased with the award

“A kit is an essential requirement in providing safe training and competition experience, while also giving our club identity and recognizing the dedication of our athletes.” Fiona Keenan, Volunteer

Vodafone donate to Leicester Counselling Centre

Lunch Club at the Brixington Community Church (Exmouth) giving local elderly people a place to go in the day and a chance to socialise.

A new fridge and water boiler was bought with the £1,000 award to serve teas and coffees

“We were in need of replacing an old fridge, which now doesn’t comply with the current regulations, and a water boiler to help us serve teas and coffees.” Reverend Simon Atkinson

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