O2 Refresh gets big….refresh

The big news just now comes from UK network O2. They’re making a big update to their Refresh contract offering.

In case you did not know, O2 Refresh split your contract into two payments. First an airtime part which is for your talk / text / data, and second a device plan part which is the interest-free 24 month breakdown of the phone RRP.

The benefit to this was customers can upgrade anytime by just paying off the device balance and then be free to upgrade.

It also meant that you can clear the device plan earlier, and then have lower monthly payment as you just need to pay for your airtime.

No other network has offered this yet, and it is a big selling point for O2.

Today we just found out that you will be able to customise the amount of minutes, texts and data you need for your own personal use and spread the the length of the plan.

O2 Refresh Customisable plans are anything from 3 months to 36 months depending on what you want to pay monthly.

Our custom plans mark the latest step in breaking away from one size fits all approaches, recognising that all our customers are different and individual, and so are their needs,” said O2 CMO Nina Bibby. “As the first UK mobile network operator to offer this level of transparency, flexibility and control we’re giving even more power to the consumer.”

Right now the O2 site is being updated with the new plans so this is breaking news. Head to o2.co.uk/refresh for the latest offers though.