Three UK start S10 pre-orders

In case you missed it yesterday, Samsung announced a range of new products including the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and the larger S10+

As we normally get with big smartphone announcements, networks soon send out pricing information and confirmation they will be selling it.

Three will be stocking all three versions of the phone at a wide range of prices. We’ve mentioned this earlier, but we’ve now received full details ..

The S10e starts from £37 a month giving you 500MB of data with 300 minutes and unlimited texts.

The S10 will set you back £41 a month for the same allowances and the bigger S10+ will start from £45 a month.

Three offer a wide range of other plans, including the very tempting Unlimited Data plans which also include unlimited tethering if needed when on the move.

Three customers also get to take advantage of services such as GoBinge, GoRoam and Wuntu depending on price plan you pick.

You can order your S10 device right now for delivery on the 8th March in a variaty of colours.

As an added incentive to order early, you can also claim a free pair of the Galaxy Buds which were announced at the same time and are worth around £130, not a bad free gift for getting one of the best phones 2019 will offer.

We are hoping to have a device in for a full review as soon as possible so be sure to check back for our hands on thoughts.