Google Pixel 3 finally leaks

There has been leak after leak recently about the Pixel 3XL, in fact a whole unboxing has been recorded and camera samples out online.

But what we were not as sure about is the smaller version just called the Pixel 3, until now.

Google Pixel 3 finally leaks

Google Pixel 3 finally leaks

Specs are said to include a 5.5 inch 1080p display, dual 8 megapixel front cameras for a super selfie mode.

On the back is a 12 megapixel single lens camera but don’t let that put you off, the Pixel 2 had one of the best cameras ever on a phone thanks to some clever software.

Of course Android 9 Pie will be the software version it launches on which recently launched for the current generation Pixel and a few others.

The Pixel 3 and XL are expected to be announced in October so we are counting down the days.

Credit to Slashgear