MobileManDan…..signing off

This is a post I was holding off for a while, but feel today is the right day to make it official.

After an incredible 9 years at CoolSmartPhone, today is the final post by me and it seems only fitting that it be a thank you and goodbye one.

From covering my first MWC 9 years ago, to covering events in the UK and abroad, these past 9 years have helped me grow as a writer and gain my confidence to put my face out there and interact with other people.

I have made many friends across the world on here, and the good news is although I am saying bye from CoolSmartPhone, I am not saying bye to my friendships.

You can still catch me online on Twitter to follow my next move and what I get up to, I am on Twitter as…. Yup good guess… @mobilemandan

I want to thank everyone from the CSP team over the years for your support both personal and tech related.

I also want to thank anyone who has ever viewed my work over all this time and given feedback – both good and bad. Just you reading has made me a better tech writer and it makes me want to improve.

In addition, I want to thank Leigh for taking me on as his second in command all those years ago when the team just consisted of the two of us running around Barcelona trying to cover everything we could, and for giving me the chance to share my thoughts with everyone.

To all the PR people over the years, don’t worry you won’t get rid of me that easily, you have my contact information and I am or have already reached out to you with what I am doing next so keep your eyes on that inbox (hopefully not spam folder!)

Finally, and most important I want to thank my amazing fiancee for all her support since we have been together, letting me travel around the world to events, being up long nights whilst I stress to hit the embargo deadlines, being away from family to see me ramble on about another phone, and being there through my ups and downs, she has been my rock and my biggest supporter.

In seeing my writing she has started her own YouTube and Instagram for beauty and blogging so I hope to show her as much support as she has me, you can find her on Twitter at @sjkpink and get her links from there, I know she would really appreciate followers and support.

As I said, this is not me cutting myself off completely, I am still online and you can see what I get up to next at @mobilemandan so I appreciate you following to see what I get up to.

So….. For one last time on CoolSmartPhone…. This is Dan aka MobileManDan signing off.