Android Q Beta has landed

With Google I/O not far away now, it’s the time of year where Android fans get to try out the latest update. It’s also the time to start the naming guessing game!

Today the first version of Android Q has been made available for Pixel owners to download and get developing on. However we must stress this is mainly for developers to use to ensure their apps are fully updated ready for final launch.

That does not stop you from checking out the latest version, even if you’re not a developer. That said, it is recommended you hold off for now, especially if it is your only/main device – there will be many bugs to iron out.

It looks like there are no massive UI changes planned for Q, although a full system-wide Dark Mode has been on the cards. This is something many have been asked for considering it is available from Huawei and Samsung on their devices.

Below is the information taken from the official Android Blog if you wanted to take a look at more details.