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A new website has just launched which compares SIM-free and network-free phone deals. It should, according to the people behind it, ensure that you get the best deal on your next mobile and / or talk plan. They estimate that the average consumer will save £330 buying

ChatSim Review

I saw these guys at Mobile World Congress and their offering is certainly an interesting one, and remarkably simple too.. Start with the ChatSim chat plan. It’s €10 a year and this will let you send unlimited and free text messages and emoji anywhere in the world.

Deal – EE SIM-only offer you just HAVE to purchase!

Some time ago I took out a 12 month EE SIM-only plan. It was a pretty good deal I thought, and delivered 4GB of data every month for £19.99. Not bad, but it was made even better thanks to a cashback offer I’d grabbed. It brought the

How does 25GB for £15 a month sound? Come on in, friends

EE have returned with their rather insane SIM-only data-only plan. You get double-speed 4G data and a massive 25GB monthly allowance for just £15! Here’s how to get it. Head to the SIM Only EE pages and choose the £30 25GB package at the bottom. Then open

A SIM-only 2GB plan for just £7.07 per month? Read on

I tend to dip into Quidco every now and then. It’s especially useful if you’re about to start a contract – and that can be a broadband deal, TV package or a new gas supplier. If you’re looking around for a mobile deal then it’s beneficial too,

Three start their SIM sale

Yes, we’re getting emails from PR agencies telling us about January sales already. This one is from Three, who are launching their “biggest SIM sale ever”. They’re offering half price SIM-only deals for as little as £4 for the first three months of a 12 month plan.

SIM unlocking – the easy way

If you’re looking to get a phone for someone this Christmas then you may have already had a read of our how-to. It details the best way to switch contracts. However, if you want to get yourself a SIM-only deal and carry on using your existing phone,

Vodafone SIMs become flexible

Vodafone SIM only deals are becoming more flexible. I don’t mean the SIM card will bend more (please don’t try that at home), rather Vodafone are relaxing the upgrade rules. Previously if you were on a 12 month SIM only plan then you could only upgrade to

Wait a minute. Someone just said “unlimited data”. Hello TalkTalk.

It’s always a dangerous phrase. Say “unlimited data” to potential customers and, love it or hate it, a number of them will really push that to the limit. That’s what MVNO TalkTalk are doing, in a giffgaff-esque 30-day SIM offering which offers unlimited everything for £12 per

KnowRoaming on test – Cut your roaming costs dramatically

Picture the scene. You’re about to go abroad. You’ve got your passport, you’ve booked the hotel and the flight. What about your phone? Unless you’re lucky enough to be using a network like Three and going to one of the countries in their Feel At Home plan,

Voda launch new SIM-only plans

A new year means a new set of plans for Vodafone, who have today launched some new SIM-only deals. £9.50 will get you 250MB of data per month and 300 minutes plus 500 texts on 3G. However, you can also choose to pay £14 per month for

Swapping your phone? Got a SIM problem? Get an adaptor

Some clever sausage somewhere decided at some point that the standard SIM cards were just too big. Despite some phones still being massive (phablets etc), we’re seeing the teeny-tiny nano SIM slot on some phones, with the slightly-larger micro SIM now being an almost-standard. However, there’s still

£1 for £10 credit on Delightmobile

Sometimes it may be best not to ask how. When Derren Brown performs those crazy tricks and you can’t work how, you end up sitting back and just enjoying. Just like this PAYG sim card from Delightmobile with £10 credit preloaded. What you spend your credit on

Vectone Mobile offering 1GB of data for.. £1!

No, I’ve not heard of them either but, if you pop along to Poundland or buy one of these online, you can get 1GB of days over 30 days worth for just a quid. If you go into the high-class Poundland stores you can pick a Vectone

Three offer to unlock phones for NOTHING

Having a locked phone can be rather annoying, not only do you often have bloatware to contend with, it can also be tricky if you want to swap to a different network at the end of your contract. You’ll also have problems if you want to sell

New hassle-free data SIM providers rock up

Data. You want it. You want it right now. You want big, fat, sweaty piles of data and as quick as possible. You filthy, filthy monkey. You disgust me. How’s 99p per GB sound? That sound good? Huh? Got yourself a cheap enough deal there? How about

Some rather excellent SIM-only deals to save you money

Saving money. Secretly we all love to do it. Whether it’s a necessity or not, saving a few quid here means that you can have a beer there. Over on HotUKDeals they have a frequently updated thread detailing the latest SIM-only deals. The prices are already low,

Unlocking your phone for free. Why bother?

If you’ve followed my posts recently then you may have noticed a bit of a theme developing. I’ve written about switching from a contract to a monthly rolling SIM-only plan (which could see your monthly charge go from around £40 to £12) and I’ve had a look

Silence is golden.. sometimes

I’m out in America at the moment. I’ll admit that I’m very lucky, and have had the opportunity to visit a good many times now. I usually plan things out and ensure that my phone, which is unlocked, has a US SIM card so that I can