Go on, this weekend, why not switch to a new deal?

In the last few days I’ve been looking to switch to a new bank. The reason, as I’m sure you’ll have noticed is that there’s more choice now and we’re not restricted to the legacy brands that used to fill our high-street. They’re closing at an alarming rate now, and the idea of paying a cheque in seems really out-dated in 2020.

As with mobile networks, banks tend to offer incentives for you to switch. Great deals for new customers or cash for free.

But a lot of us don’t move and we stay with the same bank for years – sometimes our entire life. There’s perhaps a perception that it’ll be a hassle to migrate all your direct debits, all your regular payments and your wages. Sure, it might be, but the banks have made it easier to switch of late. So, this brought me back to thinking about smartphones, because there’s a tendency to become loyal to one particular network in the same way that you would with your bank. With your mobile contract, you really needn’t be.

We’ve got our “how to switch networks” article for you if you’re thinking of moving your phone to a new provider. It’s so easy and just takes a text. Dive in, give it a go.

Keep an eye on us here at Coolsmartphone for SIM only deals as we’re always on the hunt for the best deal. If you’ve been in a contract and you’ve paid off your phone, it just makes sense to switch to a SIM only plan. It’ll bring your costs down and will, for the most part, will be cheaper for you.

Yes, there’s 12-month SIM contracts, but you can get monthly plans too – they’ll give you the chance to move around, find the best deal and switch freely based on your circumstances.

Here in the UK there’s various comparison sites to get you a deal, but if you have a quick look around you can find similar sites further afield – overstappen.nl is just one example I’ve recommended to a Coolsmartphone reader recently.

Sure, I’ve mentioned this before, but there’s really nothing stopping you from switching if you’ve paid your contract. It just takes a text, and you can keep your number. Plus, with all the “virtual” network operators, you could even be switching to a better deal with an operator that’s using the very same masts as your currently quite-expensive provider.

So go on, be free – search around for a deal and don’t let anything hold you back!