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Christmas Tree Lights Slow Down Your WiFi

Double checking the date to ensure its not April the 1st, today Ofcom warns Christmas Tree Lights can slow down your home WiFi and have released a smartphone App that allows you to check your connection. The app tests WiFi signals to ensure data flows uninterrupted between

Ofcom triple charges – Are your bills going up ?

Ofcom, the British telecoms regulator, has revealed it is about to increase the fees it draws from the UK’s network providers. Ofcom charge a rate for using the mobile airwaves, but they’re now cranking up the costs by almost a factor of three. Currently it draws £64.4m in

Ofcom fine Three over complaints

We are big fans of Three here at Coolsmartphone, a lot of the staff are on the network due to cheap deals and large data allowances. It seemed that they had turned a page on the customer service front, having the least complaints per 1000 customers in

OFCOM raps Vodafone’s knuckles

When the 3G licences were dished out way back in 2000, the networks agreed that they would cover 80% of the UK population, this was then raised to 90% in 2010. The deadline for reaching this target was June 2013, however whilst o2, Three and EE managed

Could EE’s 4G bandwidth fees quadruple?

Ofcom has published a consultation on greatly increasing annual fees for the 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands in the UK to bring them more in line with the additional bands auctioned for 4G coverage. This could see rises in the amounts that networks pay to run their

Ofcom to standardise 0800 and 0845 call costs from mobiles

Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator has announced that they are looking into the standardisation of the “confusing” costs of calling non geographical 0845 and freephone 0800 numbers from mobile phones. Costs of calling these numbers currently can vary from 20p to 40p per minute for 0800 and

Seven Bidders Announced for LTE spectrum auction

We knew the auction for LTE Spectrum was due to start in January 2013, but we didn’t know who would be bidding. Until now. 7 Bidders have finally been announced by Ofcom as qualified to offer us our lovely high speed, long distance cellular goodness. The bidders

Are you an O2 customer?

If you’re an O2 customer, this information may not be welcome but we thought you’d like to know. As of the 28th February 2013 you will see an increase in your monthly charges. 3.2% increase to be exact, 99p per month for £31 per month plan. A

Nokia 920 to grab EE exclusive?

With just minutes to go until the Everything Everywhere launch we’re expecting the launch of 4G and possible handset exclusivity on the new faster network. The Financial Times is stating that the new Nokia Lumia 920 could be a network exclusive on EE. If Nokia could get

Ofcom and the 4G roll-out

Just when will the UK make the jump to 4G? Faster download speeds and coverage in rural areas are always on the “want” list but, last we heard the 4G auction had been delayed until later this year. Today Ofcom have confirmed this, saying that it’ll kick

It’s so funny, how we don’t talk anymore

It’s official, we’d rather not speak to each other. Head down, umbrella up, we’d rather use text and data than actually talk. The research, by Ofcom, reveals that 58% of people sent texts daily whilst 47% of people make a phone call every day. The average Brit

Three set to delay 4G

The mobile network 3 are announcing a plan to upgrade its network which will enable it to start legal action against Ofcom, undoubtedly this will have the knock on effect of delaying the 4G auction that is planned for 2013. Three was actually the first network to

Nokia Lumia ads upset Ofcom

Remember these adverts? They appeared a few months ago to promote the Nokia Lumia 800 and used “break flashes”. This was picked up in our earlier article and consists of advertisers showing a very brief (half a second) message between the other commercials. Ofcom found Channel Five

Ofcom plans to push 4G into more areas of the UK

Ofcom have had a re-think on their 4G auction. Earlier they were planning to reserve a slice of the new 800MHz spectrum (freed up by the removal of analogue TV) for Everything Everywhere. The joint network, which powers T-Mobile and Orange, operates on the 1800MHz spectrum for

Got a signal problem on the weekly shop?

It’s not often that I write a rambling post… well, OK.. perhaps quite a few of you would disagree with that. The thing is, I’ve noticed something. This weekend we were shopping at the local Tesco. It’s the usual scene, you put a few items in the