Ofcom and the 4G roll-out

Ofcom and the 4G roll out

Just when will the UK make the jump to 4G? Faster download speeds and coverage in rural areas are always on the “want” list but, last we heard the 4G auction had been delayed until later this year. Today Ofcom have confirmed this, saying that it’ll kick off “by the end of 2012” and will be 80% bigger than then 3G spectrum auction some 12 years ago.

Provided at least four companies show interest bidding should start early next year with the roll-out starting about a year from today if we’re very lucky. Coverage will probably start in major cities and towns first and then gradually roll-out to everywhere else – yes, even those “remote areas”. Let’s face it, this is going to drag on a lot longer than we’d like and it could be well into 2014, possibly even 2015 before we get some decent 4G coverage.

Link – Ofcom