Caller ID now free

Not too long ago, if you wanted the phone number of the caller to be displayed on your home phone, you’d have to pay some mad fee. It was, when you think about it, a little unfair. Mobile networks have been providing the caller’s number since, ever, but traditional home and business lines haven’t always done it.

Now, from what we understand of this Ofcom ruling, all providers will now have to provide caller ID for free. Any previous charge for this service that you may have paid for must be removed, and Ofcom state..

(Caller ID) can also be used in regulatory and enforcement action, for example, to identify the sources of nuisance calls.

So now everyone can, even on their home phone, see who is calling before answering and, if they wish, they can block the number, ignore or answer it. Of course, people can still withhold numbers, but if they do that there’s even less chance of the call being answered.

Hopefully, with the rise of call-blockers, it’ll mean that nuisance callers will find it harder and harder to get through to you.