Three set to delay 4G

The mobile network 3 are announcing a plan to upgrade its network which will enable it to start legal action against Ofcom, undoubtedly this will have the knock on effect of delaying the 4G auction that is planned for 2013.

Three was actually the first network to release 3G in 2003 and subsequently updated the wireless network to HSPA+, offering 3G download speeds of over 10Mbps.

The new update is a 3G standard called DC-HSDPA, running twice the speed as HSPA+ and is being rolled out nationally in the UK during this summer.Three want to persuade Ofcom to revisit the auction rules and any legal action will most likely delay the whole process. Hardly surprising that Three are in no rush for 4G when they are currently investing in upgrading their network despite comments that its actions are the benefit of consumers.

It looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer in the UK before our shiny new 4G LTE devices can be used to their full potential. What’s your take on this: Are you disappointed that we’re the last major European economy to auction the airspace for 4G or do you not think it’s exciting enough?

Source: The Guardian