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Show Posts in launches. Find the best SIM and phone combo

A new website has just launched which compares SIM-free and network-free phone deals. It should, according to the people behind it, ensure that you get the best deal on your next mobile and / or talk plan. They estimate that the average consumer will save £330 buying

Fancy 90% off your Google Play prices? Listen up

Paying for your apps in Google Play usually involves your credit or debit card of some sort. However, Vodafone have come up with a plan to make it a bit simpler and, for six months, you get a whacking 90% off some Google Play apps and games

Vodafone announce Prime 7 and First 7

These days networks are producing their own devices to go on sale at a more affordable price. Vodafone is a key example of this with their great value devices already on sale such as the Ultra and Prime 6. Today the network announce two upgrades to the

EU blocks proposed Three and O2 merger

Hutchison (owners of Three) badly wanted to grab O2. Following disapproval by UK competition watchdogs, they tried everything to change minds. They added guarantees that prices for O2 and Three customers would be frozen for five years. They’d also promised £5 billion of investment and to open

Three change their mind – The LG G5 arrives

When we were in Barcelona ogling over the LG G5, we were contacted by most of the usual networks to say that they were ranging it. However… we noticed someone who wasn’t coming to the LG party. Three. We got in touch, and they told us that

Huawei P9 now available at giffgaff

How does £17.06 per month sound for a top-end phone on a 2 year deal? Well, even with the addition of a £10 monthly goodybag on giffgaff it’s still pretty good. The Huawei P9, which we’ve already looked at in detail, is available to buy out-right on

ChatSim Review

I saw these guys at Mobile World Congress and their offering is certainly an interesting one, and remarkably simple too.. Start with the ChatSim chat plan. It’s €10 a year and this will let you send unlimited and free text messages and emoji anywhere in the world.

Huawei P9 now up for pre-order on EE

Did you like the look of the new Huawei P9? Did you see our video review? Are you ready to order it? Good news people, because it you’re aiming for EE, you can get the 32GB P9 for absolutely nothing on £30.99 plans. That’ll get you 1GB

Tesco Mobile offering free roaming in lots of European countries

If you’re planning to use your mobile phone across Europe then, until now, Three has been your best bet. Their “Feel At Home” offering let’s you use your phone as you would in the UK, but across European destinations such as France, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden,

You’re only getting 4G 53% of the time.

According to a report published by OpenSignal and consumer watchdog Which?, smartphone users here in the UK only appear to get access to 4G data speeds for about half of the time on average. From the four UK networks tested, EE was found to have the best

Virgin Media – Data usage gets throttled

Would you class more than 3.5GB of monthly data as “excessive”? Well, Virgin Media doesn’t seem to think that. At least not when selling their SIM-only packages. As an example, you can buy a 4GB plan for £15 per month or an 8GB plan for £23 per

Voda and EE at the bottom customer service scores

The latest Which Customer Service survey is out and two networks sit right at the bottom. 4,101 mobile customers were surveyed in February to compare the UK mobile networks.all the UK’s mobile suppliers. EE and Vodafone didn’t do well when it came to value for money or “ease

Vodafone offer up a 30-day network guarantee

Those guys at Vodafone have already had their data test drive offer running for quite some time, but now they’re adding a 30 day network guarantee. It will, in essence, give you a 30 day no-quibble trial of the network and applies to all customers. Vodafone seem

Huawei P9 Plus coming to O2 too

We were told several times yesterday that the Huawei P9 Plus was going to be a Vodafone exclusive. However, after chatting to a number of PR people we think it’s actually just a colour exclusive. It seems that the P9 Plus Vodafone will be available in “Mystic

Deal – EE SIM-only offer you just HAVE to purchase!

Some time ago I took out a 12 month EE SIM-only plan. It was a pretty good deal I thought, and delivered 4GB of data every month for £19.99. Not bad, but it was made even better thanks to a cashback offer I’d grabbed. It brought the

LIFE Mobile Spring sale

If 4G isn’t a massive “want” then you might want to take a look at LIFE Mobile. They’re an MVNO using the EE network and offer SIM only deals. There’s a UK call centre, no credit checks and right now they’re offering some discounts on their plans.

Three add a new 30GB data tariff

You like a bit of data don’t you? Oh yes, you love it. You need it. But at the same time you worry. Sure, you love your hot juicy data, but you worry about the size of your package. Just when you’re watching a movie and getting

Vodafone start G5 pre-orders

Yesterday we let you know about some of the pre-order deals available on the LG G5. Now it’s available to pre-order from Vodafone too. They’ll be doing the same deal on the Bang & Olufsen H3 in-ear headphones as Clove. If you put your name down now

How does 25GB for £15 a month sound? Come on in, friends

EE have returned with their rather insane SIM-only data-only plan. You get double-speed 4G data and a massive 25GB monthly allowance for just £15! Here’s how to get it. Head to the SIM Only EE pages and choose the £30 25GB package at the bottom. Then open

Trouble with your 4G? You don’t know you’re born son

Getting your tweets and Facebook updates can be a little infuriating if your signal isn’t up to scratch, but think back 32 years and you’ll suddenly realise how lucky you are. For a moment, let’s pretend you’re back there. Back in 1984. Mobile phones were a pipe