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EE in hot water over Priority Answer service

You know that new service that EE have started offering everyone but their pay and go customers? Yeah, the one where you pay 50p to queue jump. Well, it has landed them in some hot water on social media channels. #EE is just the RyanAir of mobile

giffgaff considering package changes

We’ve already seen the annoyance at networks who increase prices mid-way through contracts, so it’s rather surprising to see giffgaff considering a big change in their packages, aka goodybags. The changes, which are being emailed out to customers for their opinions, could see the unlimited data getting

EE roll out 4G in 250th town

EE have announced their 250th town in the UK now has 4G coverage with the Cornwall area now being included in the 4G rollout which has now hit 0ver 73% population coverage. EE is still plugging away switching as many sites as on as possible to allow

Find your next network by strength easily

This got pushed into my Twitter timeline and, despite it being in beta, it looks fairly promising. If you’re looking for your next phone and are considering a switch to another network, coverage maps are always good to check. They’ll let you know what the signal is

Three launch new SIM only plans

Three UK has today launched a new range of SIM-only contracts. In a way this mirrors how they relaunched their contract plans recently. Customers will be able to start at just £7 a month for 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. This includes free 0800

Vodafone launch WorldTraveller, but…

If you’re a regular reader then you’re probably already aware of the Three Feel At Home service. It costs nothing if you’re a Three customer and it automatically lets you use your bundled data, minutes and texts in 16 different countries just as if you were back

Three issues an apology

I’ve got to give it to the ad people, this one is rather clever. Three have issued the following TV commercial to formally apologise to the great British public.. It is, of course, to promote their Feel At Home service, which lets you travel to one of

What has Glastonbury and this hard drive got in common?

This is a 2.5TB hard drive. It can store stacks of pictures, plus there’s room for all those “specially backed-up DVD’s” you have too. Now, imagine downloading everything off this drive onto your phone. That’d take quite a while wouldn’t it? Somehow this is how much data

Vodafone Red 4G customers, come get your Netflix

If you are using Vodafone UK and have opted for a Red 4G package costing v mir than £26 per month, you can now opt for six months of Netflix pre-paid. TV box sets including original series such as House of Cards and Arrested Development are available,

EE expand 4G coverage to 73%

EE have just announced an additional 14 locations have been switched on for their 4G service. This brings the total to 229 large towns or cities, meaning a 73% population coverage. EE are on a big push for their 4G rollout, meaning many more can experience the

Vodafone offering up the HTC One mini for just £160

I love it when you guys email us. Do that more. Go on, give us a nudge on the contact form. If you have anything we should be talking about here, give us a yell. Szuting Chao has given us an email because he’s seen the HTC

EE launch own-brand tablet

EE have also today announced a new tablet today. It is “The UK’s most affordable 4G tablet” which is this, the Eagle. It’s a rebranded 8″ Huawei tablet and comes with a quad-core CPU, 5 megapixel shooter, 16GB of storage (plus you get a microSD for more

O2 continuing to dangle the free 4G carrot

In March we told you how O2 were rolling out 4G for free to selected customers. Now it looks like they’re taking it one stage further, with texts rolling out to further customers to offer free 4G upgrades. The odd phone call to O2 also seems to

Vodafone Spotify bugs now squashed

Recent problems with Spotify subscriptions and accounts for Vodafone customers now appear to have been fixed. We ran a story yesterday highlighting the issue and Vodafone have been working hard to resolve the matter. Some customers had seen their inclusive Spotify Premium accounts getting switched down to

EE hits 200th town 4G milestone

UK network EE have this morning announced they have now reached their 200th town for 4G. This brings them up to 72% 4G coverage across the UK. EE tell us that they have a strict guideline when it comes to announcing who is now “4G enabled. The announcements only

giffgaff continues to grow – We’re all the boss

Despite the odd network hiccup, MVNO giffgaff continues to draw in a dedicated customer base. They prefer to call their customers “members” though, as everyone gets chance to participate, help and grow the network by adding and earning. We recently added a detail piece covering their offer,

Three launch 4G MiFi device

Just a few days ago we brought you the news that Three had launched a 4G dongle. Available on their UK network, it’s the first that supported 4G LTE speeds to make the most of their new network. If a dongle was not for you and you

EE 4G continues to roll. 187 towns now covered

Well I have to mention this don’t I? Especially when a local town gets 4G too. Yes, the mighty Tamworth is now getting some EE superfast mobile data via LTE. Tamworth is part of 12 towns getting the EE 4G tech today, so you’ll be able to

Trying to get your PAC from Ovivo? Not heard anything?

The MVNO that was Ovivo went pop rather spectacularly last week. For those that transferred their number to the network there was at least the ability to get a PAC code and transfer your number back out again. A form on the now-closed Ovivo Mobile website let you

EE deliver their own affordable 4G smartphone

In Barcelona we saw a couple of devices that Orange were making available to their various territories. However, here in the UK the Orange (and T-Mobile) brands are becoming ever more diluted into the big new EE network. So, I asked, will Orange or EE be announcing

EXCLUSIVE: HTC M8 PAYG pricing on Three

Yesterday we brought you the news live from London of the HTC One M8 launch. The new device also went on sale the very same day in many retail stores across the world. Three is known for their great data deals plus you can grab a SIM

EE announce new 4G plans

Morning. ;) It’s a minute into Wednesday and EE have just announced a refresh to their 4G monthly plans. A new set of entry-level 4G plans mean that you can get a 10GB package for just £13.99 per month. That pricing, we must point out, is for all

Ovivo goes pop. Where should you go now?

If you don’t like paying much money then Ovivo were ideal. Some of their plans cost absolutely nothing per month, but just recently Ovivo unexpectedly went pop and their customers were left with no service instantly. So what now? Well, we’ve put some options together for you.

EE voted best network by Rootmetrics

So, the results are in and Rootmetrics have announced that EE is the best network here in the UK based on mobile internet, calls and texts tests taken all across the country. In total over 840,000 results were put together and it is not just based on

Giffgaff. 4G. It’s happening

More speed. You want it, don’t you? 4G, yeah. That’s it. You want that in your life, but you don’t want to pay a whole lot of cash for it. Step forward giffgaff, who are about to deliver your 4G fun on a contract-free plan. Their 4G

All Three customers are now on a 4G plan

The boys at Three have sent us some details on how their roll-out is going. Their deployment started in December last year but they’ve informed us that all of their customers are now on a 4G tariff. Three reckon that around 1.7 million customers are already using

EE to create over 1,000 new jobs

EE have announced today that they are to create over 1,000 new customer service jobs throughout Britain within the next 24 months. It means that, starting with 250 jobs in Northern Ireland later this quarter, EE will be bringing more “customer service jobs” (presumably call centre roles)