5G Means no limits

Technology has always played a big role when it comes to the developments in the online games industry. The online gaming sector has come a long way since it appeared in the 1990s. Back then, online casino games can only be played on computers. Then rose the mobile industry when smartphones, tablets, and laptops became capable of handling gaming.

Mobile gaming and gambling are on the rise as more and more people gain access to affordable yet powerful smartphones and mobile devices. The use of mobile gambling apps is becoming more preferred by many as it is convenient. It enables casino players to play their favorite games wherever they are and whenever they want to.

The casino industry has surely a lot to thank for because of technology and innovations and developments are non-stop. 5G is now being steadily rolled out worldwide and this is one of the latest technological advancements that could change a lot of things. However, how would this affect the mobile gaming and gambling industry? Let’s find out.

What is 5G?

Before we get to know how this could change the online gambling sector, what is 5G in the first place? Obviously, this is expected to be better than 4G because it should make mobile devices smarter, faster, and more efficient.

In fact, 5G is set to be 100 times faster than 4G. This fifth generation of mobile technology is already out there as telecommunications or phone companies have started its deployment since last year. This technological advancement will enable mobile devices to download 300 megabits per second as its average speed. Its maximum speed could be as much as 10 gigabits, which means that you should be able to download a file or a movie that is as big as 5 GB in just a few seconds.

Since it’s also so fast, it is also reported that it would burn less battery. Smartphones nowadays are really powerful and many users are after mobile devices that can last the whole day or even more. Aside from heavy capacity mobile batteries, 5G can help minimize the use of the device’s battery. This means that you may no longer be afraid to use your mobile data just because you forgot your charger at home.

How Will the Gambling Industry Benefit From This?

For the online gaming scene, this generally means that the games that can be played can be faster and engaging. This means that online casino sites will be able to load faster. There will be no more wait for the site to complete its contents because as soon as you enter a page, the contents would be loading up right away.

Because of this, we can also expect that the quality of the games that we play online will be as good as console games. Imagine being able to play a casino game as if you’re playing Grand Theft Auto on your mobile device.

Virtual Reality Gaming will also be a better experience on mobile. It was in 2016 when VR devices got all the hype. This is especially when Lenovo and HTC released VR devices that are compatible with mobile phones. Surely, what these devices are capable of is still not up to par with what the VR device that Oculus came out with. However, 5G can now make VR gaming smoother and more realistic on mobile phones or devices.

The existence of 5G just proves that the mobile gaming and gambling scene is the future. Currently, mobile gambling is already beating the land-based casino market. This doesn’t mean that land casinos are about to get doomed because going to these places is still a different experience. However, because of mobile devices, people get to access their favorite casino games anytime they want and without having to spend a lot.

The state of New Jersey is a great example for this. It is estimated that around 80 to 90 percent of the betting revenues made by the state comes from the online and mobile sectors. This just shows how people nowadays are more willing to play casino games online.

The challenge right now when it comes to rolling out the 5G technology is being able to reach uncharted territories. There are only a few countries that already have 5G including South Korea, China, and the United States.

It may take a while before the rest of the world gets caught up with this technology, but surely, anyone who gets to experience having this would enjoy it from day one.