I love gold! More data for the same price with giffgaff

No, it’s not quite Willy Wonker, but there’s now a “Golden goodybag” being trialled by giffgaff.

It still costs £10, but you get 3GB more data – a full 9GB in total plus unlimited texts and minutes. The existing £10 goodybag will still be available, but you can instead choose to spend your tenna on the golden goodybag instead.

The new goodybag is here.

As usual, you can switch to another goodybag or have this set to recurring. Totally up to you.

The giffgaff network is owned and runs on O2 masts. As a trial, the £10 golden goodybag will be available for purchase until October 31st, but giffgaff may make this a permanent thing.