I love gold! More data for the same price with giffgaff

No, it’s not quite Willy Wonker, but there’s now a “Golden goodybag” being trialled by giffgaff.

It still costs £10, but you get 3GB more data – a full 9GB in total plus unlimited texts and minutes. The existing £10 goodybag will still be available, but you can instead choose to spend your tenna on the golden goodybag instead.

The new goodybag will be available a week today (July 28th) and you can grab it on giffgaff.com/goodybag10.

As usual, you can switch to another goodybag or have this set to recurring. Totally up to you.

The giffgaff network is owned and runs on O2 masts. As a trial, the £10 golden goodybag will be available for purchase until October 31st, but giffgaff may make this a permanent thing.