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Apple releases 7.1 Beta 3 to Developers

The update draws nearer. Apple today sent out their latest iteration of iOS 7.1 beta. This iteration contains some bug fixes as well as a few UI tweaks. The bug fixes aren’t as visual as the other changes, but they are most definitely there. We can show

Review – My iStory

If you’ve read my review of the HTC One or HTC One mini then you’ll know how much I love the “video montage” feature. It bundles together photos you’ve taken into a fun movie that will help you remember all those little moments from your day. If

Win! Five CAT Active Urban Cases to giveaway

It’s January 1st, New Years Day 2014. The very last thing I should be doing is SHOUTING but, on a dreary wet day when your hangover is making your head feel like a football, I figured that a competition was in order. If you’re lucky enough to

The moment when Android had to start again

Here’s a pretty interesting story from The Atlantic (no, me neither) with some revelations from Chris DeSalvo. He worked with Andy Rubin at Danger before switching to Google to work on Android. It was 2005 and Android was in the early stages, but by January 2007 and

Sonic gets added Sega juice

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has been available on your mobile for a while now, but this new version has been remastered, earning it the title.. Errrr…. Remastered. After 21 years Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has been redone with better graphics, audio and new content including a new

Spotify launches free music streaming for iOS and Android

It was hinted at a short while ago (here to be precise) but it is now official, Spotify users can now stream music for free on the iOS and Android apps, but not Windows Phone yet. This now brings the apps in line with the desktop version

Twitter on iOS makes it to version 6

Twitter for iOS got an update today. Coming in at version 6 you now get added “enhancements”. The focus of this update seems to be on direct messaging. A refreshed look and feel makes it easier to access your direct messages. Not only that, direct messages can

iPhone’s on Three start getting carrier updates

Three officially started to roll out 4G today to a select range of customers. They will continue to add more over time until everyone gets 4G enabled and just lives in a 4G area. One step to allow 4G access on an iPhone is a carrier update

Android users switching to iPhone in increasing numbers

A recent survey done by CIRP (an American research company) has found that more and more users are switching from Android to iPhone and more people are upgrading from iPhone to iPhone than a year before.   Last year 55% of iPhone buyers were upgrading from a

New PlayStation 4 around the corner as companion app arrives

Sony look to have added a new PlayStation app to the Google Play store and the iTunes store today. If rumours are to be believed, it’s to prepare us for the launch of the spanky new PlayStation 4. The app adds a portable experience to your gaming

Wrappz.com custom skins

I have recently been looking around for a new look for my, now 12 month old, iPhone 5 and stumbled across wrappz.com. Wrappz.com make custom cases and skins for LOADS of different devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and even hockey sticks! The process of creating your

Review: RHA MA-600i Earphones

  Music is a thing of beauty.  It can make you feel elated, sad or any of the emotions in between.  The one thing that music requires however is a decent way of transmitting the sound to your ears.  From large floor standing speakers to headphone to

Coolsmartphone Gift Guide – Touchscreen Gloves

Over the next few weeks you’ll be seeing more from our “Gift Guide” series. We’ll be covering the best accessories, gadgets and smartphones to stuff into the stocking this festive season. First, gloves. Gloves are great. They’re obviously practical at this time of year. Winter is on

BBM arrives for Android and iPhone. World continues turning.

Remember when we all watched those big TV’s? They were big, heavy and you had to get two people just to carry the thing. Remember teletext? Oh how we laughed…. In those old days we used something called “BBM” which people, who owned BlackBerry handsets, used to

Got an iPhone 5c on 4G? You’re probably the only one

When we first saw the iPhone 5s and 5c we had a small worry. Deep down we knew that the Apple brand was so strong that people really wouldn’t want the “second best” and today Reuters have reported that people seem to be preferring the 5s over

New iPad event rumored for 22nd October

After Apple announced the new iPhone last month, many people were left wondering when the next iPad and iPad mini would arrive. It now looks like an event is being scheduled for 22nd October to show off these new products, which just so happens to be the

Enter the magical world of Rollabear

Got yourself 69p? Want a game that’ll keep you occupied for a while? Well I’ve got me some PR babble for you, so sit tight.. Rollabear is now available on iOS and features Bubba Bear, Poppy the panda and Otis in this magical 3D animated world. You

New Samsung Galaxy Gear ad seems to ape first iPhone advert

You may not remember the first ever iPhone commercial. After all, it was 6 years ago. It featured scenes of people using various telephones in movies and TV shows. At the end the first ever iPhone is displayed with a catchy strapline. Matthew Panzarino (@panzer), remembers this

Google Music for iOS approaching

Using iTunes on your iPhone? Of course you are, but if you’ve thought about trying Google Music it’s really not been possible. Not fully anyway. However, there’s rumours suggesting that this will change pretty soon indeed. Engadget are stating that the iOS version is already being tested

Apple iPhone 5C – Review

The iPhone has become somewhat synonymous with quality, it’s seen by some as the ultimate status symbol. I’ve never bought into that idea, almost resisting it, just because rather than by choice. But now and again I do like to see how the latest iPhone shapes up. Whether

iOS 7 waterproofs your device.. erm…Not.

A fake Apple advert claiming the new iOS7 software makes iPhones and iPads waterproof has apparently fooled some users into destroying their devices. The “advert” circulating on social media sites claims that updating devices with the operating system installs a “smart switch” that cuts off the phone’s

NYPD tells Apple users to update to iOS 7

The New York Police Department has started handing out flyers outside the city’s Apple stores, asking people to update to the latest version of iOS. Well, it would appear that the police in New York are entirely fed up of chasing after iPhone thieves. In New York, iPhone

iPhone 5s Launch – The queues

Depending on which side of the fence you sit, this morning was either carefully orchestrated planning or a sure sign of the iPhone success. Many waited patiently at large Apple stores up and down the country, eager to get their hands on, let’s face it, the iPhone