2020 throws another curveball. The new iPhone SE. Just £419.

What is going on with this year? A pandemic, stores and offices closing, key workers earning far too little for keeping us all alive and now… a brand new iPhone undercutting every single phone OnePlus has released this year in price.


Welcome in, the new iPhone SE, a phone that’s just killed off the iPhone 8. OK, you can still get an iPhone 8 in certain places but … look at the iPhone SE. It’s just an iPhone 8 with the uprated A13 chipset and some improved camera software. That’s about it really.

End of article. I’m off for a brew.

Oh, OK. You can pre-order the new iPhone SE from 1PM tomorrow and, let me just state this again in case you missed the headline. Prices start at just £419. Heck, you can get it from just £10.99 per month or £279 with an iPhone trade-in.

If you don’t have an iPhone to trade-in, you’re looking at £16.99 with Apple finance. That £419 headline price is based on the 64GB model. It’s £469 for the 128GB model or £569 for the 256GB handset and you can get the iPhone SE in black, white or (PRODUCT)RED.

This has the exact same measurements as the iPhone 8, the same weight as the iPhone 8, the same 4.7″ screen as the iPhone 8 with the exact same specs (1334×750 @ 326 ppi), the same rear camera (12 megapixel f/1.8 with up-to-5x digital zoom) as the iPhone 8, the same selfie camera as the iPhone 8 (7 megapixel f/2.2) and….

..look, to be honest it’s an iPhone 8 apart from the couple of tweaks we mentioned before.

As usual, the major networks are falling over themselves to offer this one. Vodafone will be selling it, as will BT Mobile and EE. The boys at O2 never seem to get in touch with us, but they will be selling it too, as will Three. The guys from Three are selling the phone right here and they’re giving away free Beats X headphones too.