Suggestive Hustle Castle adverts appear on Twitter

Whilst we can’t fully verify that the Twitter account in question is directly linked to the makers of Hustle Castle, some serious money has been spent recently advertising this game on Twitter.

The adverts, as you’ll see below, are very suggestive and seem to signify that the game is for adults only. It carries a similar “No under 18’s” notice that you’d see outside a casino. However, the actual game is a PEGI 3 and has no explicit or risqué goings-on at all.

Since we started looking into this, the @khousel00 Twitter account has replaced all their slightly provocative images and removed any mentions of the game being for over 18’s. The promoted tweets seem to be an effort to bring in more players by insinuating that the game is sexual in nature.

We’ve contacted the developers to see what’s going on here, but sadly it could be just another piece of unregulated or uncontrollable advertising / social media “influencing” which happens hour-by-hour on the internet.

The game itself, on Google Play alone, has been downloaded over 10 million times.