Unlocked pre-owned iPhone 7 – £219

When I start seeing “last minute gifts”, it’s usually a sign that I should maybe start my shopping. I’m looking around for a cheap iPhone at the moment (I know, don’t ask) and this reconditioned iPhone 7 pinged my radar. It’s £219 on giffgaff and you get a free £10 goodybag, adding 3GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts. Not bad that.

The pre-owned giffgaff phones come with a 6-month warranty and are unlocked, fully tested and data cleansed. They’re shipped in a plain cardboard box with a USB cable (no charger though). This £219 price-tag is for a 32GB one in “good” condition, which means it could have some scratches and marks. You can pay £299 for a “Very good” one or £349 for an “excellent” one, and the price also goes up if you want a 128GB or 256GB version.

Head here for the details.