Save a bit of money with Tesco Mobile. Samsung, iPhone and Huawei kit for less.

I’m still looking for a phone. My old Mate 10 Pro is still broken and I still haven’t managed to get all the holiday photos off it. I’m still using a backup (old) handset and I’m still on the lookout for deals.

So, Tesco Mobile has announced a range of savings on phones which are priced more cheaply (or should I say, sensibly) than you’d maybe find if you went for the high-end and brand-new phones out there. Tesco, by the way, sits on the O2 network, so you get their coverage and network speeds. They’re also offering a range of free tech gifts if you get a Huawei P Smart. These are worth up to £99 and include speakers and tablets. The Huawei P Smart prices start at £14.49 per month and you can get my full P Smart review here. I should mention that this is on a plan giving you 500MB of data and it is over 3 years though. To be fair it’s not much more expensive if you tweak the contract length down and put the data allowance up. I’ve just gone onto their site and, if you put £60 down, crank the data up to 5GB and have a 24 month deal, it’s only £20.74 per month. You get to bag a Huawei Mediapad T3 7″ tablet worth £79.99 too.#

Other deals include the iPhone 6s for £18.99 per month (500MB of data on a 3 year deal again), but with the same tweaking (2 year deal, 5GB data) it’s £29.99 per month.

Tesco Mobile have other offers on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ (which are still fantastic phones even a year and a half after release), plus you can get 5GB of data on a SIM-only deal at £11 per month over a one year contract.

Head to the Tesco Mobile website to have a nose at the deals.