Order McDonald’s and have it dropped to your table. All via your phone.

A few years ago I wrote this piece about how we just don’t talk to each other much any more. On a trip to the shops, you can do a large amount of your shopping via machines, online collection points and smartphones.

Eating food is the same, and the touchscreen systems at McDonald’s stop the need to actually say anything to anyone.

With the addition of food delivery services, you don’t even need to bother yourself with a drive to a local Maccies – just get some guy on a moped to drive the 2 miles instead.

Today McDonald’s are taking things even further, with their new My McDonald’s App. It now adds the ability for you to find your local restaurant, place an order, to walk in, sit at a table and have the food dropped right in front of you.

Maccie D’s have put table numbers on every table in all of their restaurants now, so you can just sit straight down, make a note of the table number and order your food right there on your phone. direct to your table through your phone.

Ben Fox, Marketing Director for McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland told us..

The My McDonald’s App is an increasingly popular tool for hundreds of thousands of savvy customers, giving them more control over their McDonald’s experience. We recently added table numbers to every table in our restaurants, meaning you can find a seat, order through the app and have your favourite food delivered directly to your table, perfect for families especially at this busy time of year. With the ability to customise orders, remember favourites and find your nearest restaurant and with the occasional offer thrown in for good measure, the My McDonald’s App offers a range of perks with a just a touch of magic.

Grab the My McDonald’s App here.