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Games appear to be creeping onto my phone.. and staying there

Not too long ago you could pick up my phone and find it to be a productivity powerhouse. I’d have my email, my Citrix Receiver, Office 365, my calendar and not much else. It was a portable office. Now though, after coming back from holiday, I’ve found

Player FM update brings cool new functionality

Podcasts have exploded in popularity since they first came onto the scene in the early 2000’s. The move to smartphones and busy lifestyles with commuting, has only increased this popularity to the extent that phones seem to have become the main medium for consuming them. In such an environment, a

Android apps finally heading to Chrome OS?

When we cover live events you’ll usually find that a Chromebook is involved. We do pretty much everything on the web now, and the little Samsung we tend to take has a battery life which will see us through even really long launches. Getting Android apps to

New data reveals contrast between Google Play and iOS app stores

Statistics can often be skewed to serve a particular purpose, but new data just released about the relative numbers of downloads and amount of money generated by the Google Play and Apple iOS app stores make for interesting reading.  The most obvious points from the above graphs,

Over 2.1 million Android devices downloaded malware in 2015

Quite a shocking headline in many ways, though it ought to be borne in mind that there are somewhere in the region of 1.5 billion Android devices registered for use around the globe.  The information comes from Google’s second annual security report.  Despite this figure, Google are

Moomin Emojis can now be used on your phone!!

Have you ever wanted to get a weird looking pig thing on your text messages? No, me neither. Then again I am a thirty-something years old. However, if you are one of the cool kids and you like Emojis then listen up. Something called “Moomiji” will now

MixRadio goes pop

The music streaming service has unceremoniously closed today, with very little detail about the reason behind the decision. A statement on their site simply reads.. We are very sorry to say that MixRadio has closed We would like to thank everyone who has helped make the last

Trying to protect your kids in the mobile world

Finding an age-appropriate game for kids can be tricky at times. Only recently I found my son asking Siri a question and, as Siri sometimes does, it responded with some links which I would’ve wanted checking first. I always like to check the games he downloads first

This is what ends up on my phone when the kids get it

When my son gets my phone for any length of time it usually returns with a multitude of apps on there. It gives me a little insight into what apps are popular though, and today I thought I’d list the apps that ended up on my phone…

Will you be gaming on your smartwatch?

Do you remember the large clunky desktop computers that we used back in the day? Thankfully, they are now vestiges of the past. Technology has advanced so quickly that nowadays we have computers in our hands and even in our glasses. Before too long we’ll have our

Ministry of Sound LIVE, now DEAD after just over three months

Trying to find the Ministry of Sound LIVE app on Google Play or the Apple Store? Well, bad news friends, it’s gone. Ministry of Sound LIVE, which fed five curated music streams to your phone, has been playing a very repetitive selection of tunes across their channels

Looking for a Forex app?

I know, I know. You probably haven’t heard too much about it, but Forex does indeed have a following all over the world. In fact, its popularity in the last decade has soared. For me it’s accessible, flexible and exciting. What is it though? It’s basically the foreign exchange market

Coolsmartphone Awards 2015 and Podcast

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Award Ceremony and Podcast, coming to you, prerecorded from Coolsmartphone Towers. Our team of experts got together yesterday and decided on the best and worst bits of 2015 in order to entertain you and reward/shame those responsible. As with all good awards ceremonies

A few apps to keep you busy over the Christmas break

It’s Christmas, so that will probably mean that you’re heading off to see relatives. Amongst the gifts, the food and the TV, there’s definitely going to be a period where everyone will sit down and generally fall asleep on the sofa. Although we do tend to concentrate

Google Play Music family plan now available in the UK too.

If you like your tunes and the rest of your family does, have a look at this. Right here in the UK you can now get the Google Play Music family plan. You become the “family manager” and basically become responsible for the billing. Then everyone in

18 fun little games I’ve tried

Do you love gaming, but are looking for some new games to pass the time? You can get started for free at Grizzly. In the meantime, have a look at 18 of the addictive little games I’ve tried that you may not have heard of. Monsters Ate

Get your HUKD on for Black Friday

While I’m not a firm favourite of the idea of yet another day dedicated to spending money, we’ve got to admit that HotUKDeals (HUKD) has continually saved us some dosh on the things we were already going to have to splash out cash on more than one

Teen Developers – Tillson Galloway

Could you start by telling me a little about yourself? I’m a 16 year old high school sophomore who lives in Charleston, SC.  I develop iOS and web applications. You’ve won two WWDC student scholarships. What was the application process like? How did 2015 differ from 2014?