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EU delivers pre-emptive slap for purchasing in free Apps

When is free, not free? Or free, kinda, but not quite all the time. Except… mostly. Yep, we’re talking about those apps and games which are built around the freemium model. There’s more than one way to build a freemium app. The first way is to build

Fields of Battle – Paintball without the Pain

Fields of Battle is a FPS with a slight twist, rather then being a simulation of modern warfare of a historic battlefield it’s a simulation of everyone’s favourite ‘knee deep in mud’ pass time activity – Paintball. Paintball has always enjoyed immense popularity, combining pseudo battle tactics,

Android App permissions. Noticed something?

You may have become fairly numb to the fact that a massive chunks of Android apps have the right to read your texts and look at your photos. The whole system is, if we’re honest, too relaxed. We waive any right to privacy in exchange for an

Take vocal control of your phone with Commandr

There’s just something about the idea of being able to talk to your phone to make it do stuff which captures the imagination. It’s the sort of thing that makes you want to test all the things which are to do with voice commands… if only it

Samsung refresh their app store.

I tell you what Android needs. Another app store. That’s what it needs. Yeah. Never mind the fact that there’s already the Amazon App Store, GetJar, AppsLib, F-Droid and various other ones that appear on those “couldn’t quite get Google certification” handsets. We need more. Luckily Samsung

Amazon dishing out selected paid-for apps for free

Well, not a great deal we can say on this one. There’s 29 top apps available this Friday and Saturday (27th and 28th June) on Amazon which are normally paid-for apps. Apps include Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Card Wars Adventure, Office Suite Professional and all of these

20% of apps only used once

A recent survey by Localytics has found that 20% of apps are only used once. This may seem quite high but it is an improvement compared to the last few years with the number steadily decreasing, from 26% in 2011. The graph shows the amount of apps

Where am I? Help is at hand thanks to OS Locate

My recent charity cycle ride (feel free to donate) was all “on road”, so a quick check of Google Maps would let me know where the next turning was. Now, if you’re planning to go off road then you’re going to need something a bit better. Finding

Buying music to download? Oh, that’s so 2010

The world of music and entertainment has changed significantly over the last decade or so. Before that, we saw vinyl getting replaced by CD’s and then MP3′s. In the last decade people have switched from traditional brick-and-mortar shops to downloading tunes online. However, streaming music services like

Exclusivity agreements blocking you from getting that latest game

Just recently the new version of Cut The Rope arrived on Android. Trouble is,  it’d been released months before on iOS. Watching an app or game being used by your mates which you can’t download is difficult and, according to the Wall Street Journal,  it’s due in

Don’t worry, Sky Go and Now TV is back!

A couple of days ago BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and NOW TV packed up for iOS users. The reason behind this seems a little mysterious, with a temporary work-around involving setting the date back a day, but that’d cause other issues trying to get onto the App

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

It wasn’t too long ago that the bright green screens of our Nokia 3310s were displaying the blockish graphics of Snake. Nowadays, after huge strides in technological advancement and a wave of new and creative developer studios, the game has quite literally changed. Now we can launch

Spotify turns to The Dark Side… May the new look be with you…

Now before you panic, Spotify hasn’t actually turned to the dark side as such..  But it has had one of it’s biggest updates for the web, iPhone and Android since it first launched all them years ago. Spotify are calling this their Best Ever looking Spotify with

Downloads to possibly increase in price?

How many people paid attention to the budget last week? I mean fully because if you didn’t you might have missed this little bit of information, I know I did.   One of the VAT changes included in the budget last week was that downloads should have

Get more Galaxy S5 bits on your mobe

We’ve already seen the Galaxy S5 backdrops leak onto the web, now there’s more. The Galaxy S5 apps, including the Samsung Gear Manager and S Note apps, are now available to download as APK files from XDA Developers. Other apps include Watch ON, the S5 Calculator, Gear

RealVNC – Use your car to control your phone

We’ve just come back from a rather cool demonstration with the guys at RealVNC. Their in-car management system will connect to your smartphone, iPhone or tablet and allows you to control all aspects of the device through a screen-mirroring system. The demo, as you’ll see below, shows

Do something for me. Just search for this one word.

Yesterday there were headlines about the fact that an app had been removed from both the Apple and Google app stores. The app in question was called “Plastic Surgery for Barbie” and was shown as being suitable for children. The issue many had was the fact that

Top 5 apps for December revealed

Good old Distimo eh? We all love them. No, me neither. However, they’ve done some research and, using bits of data from the Apple App Store and Google Play, they’ve got the top apps of December 2013. The top free apps from the Apple App Store included

Google Play Music updated on iOS7 with new UI and more

Google Play Music development has always been ahead on Android, unsurprisingly, but the iOS version has taken a big step forward to catching up with the latest update. The first thing you’re likely to notice is the slightly updated user interface. This is to bring it in

Tomb Raider for iOS drops to 69p

Remember the day sat at home with your chipped PSX, that game with the big chested women on it with the guns. It’s the original Tomb Raider for iOS devices. Now you can relive those days with a more modern device and for a very low cost.

Piikki – Keeping track of your expenses easily

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to money. I firmly believe that there’s some magical fairies sitting in my bank account because, even though I try not to spend anything, money seems to leak out all over the place. If you’re a contractor or

Chromecast gets loaded with new apps

Chromecast has now been available in the US for a number of months and has slowly seen more functionality added as time passes.  This slow increase has now seen a major step change as Google today revealed that 10 new apps have been made available right now.

Spotify reportedly adding free, ad-supported listening to mobile apps

According to the Wall Street Journal Spotify is planning free, ad-supported listening for its iOS and Android apps. In the past, Spotify has limited mobile listening to “Premium” paying members. Free, ad-supported listening was only available on desktop and laptop computers. With the policy change, non-paying listeners

Android Flashlight app ‘deceives’ millions

Federal Trade Commission stated GoldenShores Technologies took ID and location data from the millions using its Brightest Flashlight app. The developer shared the data with ad networks but did not tell users about this practice. To settle the charges, GoldenShores has agreed to give users more control