Security tips for mobile casino players

The gambling industry has undergone a dramatic evolution in the last few years, and the popularity it has received is interlinked with that evolution. Because of the advancements in technology, mobile casinos are practically indistinguishable from the laptop or computer counterparts.

This has made them incredibly popular, if not more popular due to the advantages it offers. People can play on the go, whether it be on the subway or during a lunch break at a restaurant. There is also the benefit of uninterrupted internet connection that is provided by high-speed data plans that rival that of internet service providers.

However, it is extremely important, now more than ever, to stay safe when playing. There are many individuals who are actively trying to take advantage of unaware players or those desperate to make money.

We asked 6Takarakuji for a few simple tips to improve your security when gambling from your phones as they cover how to choose a mobile casino extensively on their website. What we love about these tips is they don’t take a lot of time to check.

Always use legitimate payment options

A huge amount of trust goes into choosing an online casino, so using a legitimate payment options should be one of the reasons that inspire that trust. With so many online casinos out there, it’s difficult to know which is real or fake.

One way to check is to see if the casino uses secure payment options. Most online casinos use payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, PayPal or VISA. This is because those methods use a few features that make them secure such as SSL, PCI or 3D Secure. SSL is an encryption method that is used to ensure that the card details and information about the person who owns it is protected. PCI is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which provides guidelines for merchants, and data encryption is required by PCI. 3D Secure is an added security measure which is usually used alongside SSL.

When an online casino uses 3D Secure, you would be asked to log in to your bank or provide the security pin for your card, every time you make a transaction to prove that it is actually you. Sites that don’t have these methods are best to be avoided.

Check licenses and site security

A gambling license is a point of pride for online casinos as it means that they have passed rigorous inspections in order to be allowed to launch. That is why almost every online casino will advertise their license somewhere on the home page. This license means the payment methods have been verified, the games are fair and allow players to win and everything that is advertised on the site is true and accurate. Fraudulent sites or mobile casinos won’t have a license.

It’s also very important to check the site security to ensure that you are protected. The site should be encrypted as this means that any information supplied by you can’t be intercepted by third parties. To check if the site is encrypted, simply look at the top left of the URL bar for a locked symbol. If a site doesn’t have encryption it should be avoided as this means that it is not safe.

Make your device secure

This is something that every player can do by themselves, and specific instructions can be found by a quick internet search. One important feature that comes with most new mobile phones is fingerprint scanning. You can enable the option for your phone to request your fingerprint not only when unlocking the device, but when opening certain apps such as the mobile casino or your banking app. More than this, settings on certain banking apps can be turned on to request a fingerprint or face scan whenever any transaction is requested.

It is also very important to update your device. This is because with each update, the operating systems security features are also updated and improved which is absolutely essential. Fraudulent sites that claim to be online casinos will often request that you download their application. These applications then ask for permissions to be granted and some install hidden applications that monitor your screen and send that information to third parties. Downloading anti-virus software for your device can help to prevent this. Finally it is important to disable auto log-in features for your mobile casino apps in the event your device is stolen.