New apps coming to you in 2020

Think you’ve seen all the apps that are out there? Well, don’t forget to cast an eye on the “New releases” section of your app store. There’s a stack of games and useful tools that might not come from the “big” developers, but are still really useful or addictive.

There are apps for almost anything you can think of – sport, film, television, books, games, lifestyle, diet, travel, gambling online plus so many more. With so many different apps available, what’s worth installing on your device and what are the new mobile apps to get excited for in 2020?

Firstly, it is always a good idea to accept the updates to your current apps as they release new features for 2020. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram are just a few examples of very popular apps which you may already have on your phone that require the latest update. Have a look to see if they need updating.

If you’re using a messaging app like those, you’re probably enjoying using GIF images to make messages come alive. Although some apps have inbuilt search systems, you can also use Shabaam – a new GIF maker app available in 2020.  Use this to create your own GIF and even add some sound too. Record your own voice or a sound of your choice and then add it to one of the thousands of GIFs available on the app.

For those who enjoy reading but maybe do not have the time due to work or family commitments, Audible has long been a firm favourite if you’re after a story through your headphones. However, did you know that you can also get audiobooks direct from Google Play? There’s a big range, including how to learn different languages, autobiographies, thrillers, comedy books and more – all read to you so you don’t need to look at a screen.

There are now hundreds of online sites offering up casino games, live casinos, poker rooms, bingo and more! It can be a confusing place for anyone looking to get started playing online, but sites like are a great place to start if you are looking for the latest casino mobile apps in 2020. Here you will find a list of the best mobile casinos currently available and the list is updated every month to include newcomers. However, this website provides much more than simply a list and you will find detailed reviews of all the mobile casinos. Using the reviews, you can decide which of the apps you would like to install.

Continuing the theme of playing games and one of the new mobile apps to get excited for in 2020 is Google Stadia. The service was launched in November 2019 and has received plenty of good reviews. Google Stadia is a new platform which is a video game streaming service that allows you to play games on smartphones and tablets among other devices. The app is available to download for free but games must be purchased separately.  Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Borderlands 3, Football Manager 2020, Mortal Kombat 11 and NBA 2K20 were all available on release.

Google Stadia games to look forward to in 2020 include Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online.