Tricks for staying safe when using dating apps

A quarter of people in the UK use dating apps to find someone to connect with. They may be looking for love, for companionship, for a serious relationship, or just a bit of fun. No matter what your reasons for using dating apps, it is important that you use them with caution. Think carefully about the information that you are sharing with others. You should also consider if the information that you have been given is accurate. When finally you choose to meet up with someone, make sure that you let someone know where you are going and with whom. Dating apps are a great way of meeting someone new, but it is essential to stay safe.

Choosing your dating app

If you are looking for a serious relationship with someone, then Adult Friend Finder is probably not the app for you; however, you might have more luck on eHarmony. Read the reviews carefully for the dating app that you choose, especially if you are looking for a specific type of relationship, or interaction with someone. With so many If you are hoping to form a friendship based on common ground, then choose a dating app that caters for your interests. For instance, Tastebuds is a new dating app that is for food lovers and Raya is for those that are working or have an interest in the creative industries.

Sharing information

You wouldn’t tell a stranger in the street where you live, so why would you tell someone online? Yet 1 in 10 people have actually shared their home address with someone on a dating app. Unless you know and trust a person, this is just opening yourself up to danger. A quarter of people also share their real name on a dating app. This could allow complete strangers to investigate you online and discover more personal information that perhaps you are not happy to share. When you are using dating apps, choose a username that does not relate to your real name.

Telling the truth

A massive 57% of people lie when they fill out their profile information on a dating app. Marital status, age, physical attributes, appearance and location are all common things that are lied about. When you are using a dating app, ask yourself what is important to you. Does it matter that someone is a couple of years older than they say they are? As much as you would like to trust people, it’s always worth taking a dating profile with a pinch of salt and questioning the information that you have been given.

Before meeting up

Sadly, 43% of men and 28% of women have been catfished when using dating apps. Before you even consider meeting someone in person, it is always wise to have a video chat. Then you will be able to make sure that the person that you are meeting actually who they say they are. Try and have a video chat through the dating app if possible, rather than giving out your personal mobile phone number.

Meeting up 

When you have been communicating with someone using a dating app for a while, the natural progression is to meet up in person. Before you do this make sure that you tell someone else the details of where you are going so that they can help if anything goes wrong. Finally, when you are meeting up with someone new for the first time, try and stay sober.

Using a dating app is a great way of finding a connection with someone. Do your research though, protect your personal information, and make sure you do what you can to stay safe.