Board games that have moved online

Keeping the kids entertained right now is of key importance during this extended period of lockdown. The latest PS4 or Xbox games are great and YouTube, Netflix and so on will definitely keep everyone amused for a while but after that you’ll be looking for more.

The classic board games which are under the bed or on top of the cupboards are definitely getting a new lease of life right now. Head into the loft and you’ll find classics like Snakes and Ladders, Cluedo, Uno, Risk, and of course, everybody’s favourite friendship destroyer – Monopoly.

Indeed, for us at home we’re finding Monopoly is coming out on a regular basis, as it Battleships and Connect 4. I personally love Connect 4 because it’s so simple and a great time-filler with quite a few arguments. No need to argue over the rules on that one.

Trouble is though, now that everyone is getting those board games back out, there’s sometimes the problem of lost pieces. During the last game of Cluedo we had to “create” some cards as there was some missing. At times we had to get creative in order to fill in the blanks.

Then there’s the setup process and – if you’ve not played a game for a while – understanding the instructions. This is why I like simple games but, when they get repetitive – you dig out other games and you’ll take a long time setting everything up. So, thanks to the smartphone, a big selection of apps and the internet, you can just grab a game and start playing. No lost pieces!

Here’s a look at several board games that have moved online or into apps..


Ah, scrabble, everybody’s favourite word-based board game. The great thing about scrabble is that, not only is it fun, it is also educational and is great for keeping your brain sharp too. Scrabble is great because the rules are very simple, and the gameplay isn’t complex or frustrating. Your primary objective is to basically score as many points as possible by creating intricate and unusual words.

As well as being a board game, and also available in travel-size, scrabble is also great for playing on your tablet or smartphone. It’s available online and from the app store.

In order to test your vocabulary skills, you can make use of Scrabble’s online matchmaking capabilities and play with friends online, or even complete strangers. Great during the lockdown.


Despite this, the game continues to be a huge amount of fun to play, especially if you’re winning. One of the problems with the board game, though, is the fact that setting up takes a while, counting and managing the money takes a long time, and there are fiddly little pieces that often get lost.

With online Monopoly, though, you needn’t worry about the logistics, as everything is automated for you. Instead, you simply take out your phone, laptop, tablet, or computer, and play online.


Yes, we know that bingo isn’t technically a board game, but there are bingo board games available, and you do use a bingo card, so we’re kind of on the same track, right? Besides, this is our article and if we want to include online bingo then that’s what we shall do.

Bingo is a staple part of life here in the British Isles, but over the last several years, it’s safe to say that using online bingo sites like Trusted bingo has taken off in a massive way. Now, there are more online bingo sites than ever before, with all manner of jackpots, welcome bonuses, incentives, promotions, games, and offers.

Snakes and ladders

Snakes and ladders is another classic board game that will never fall out of favour, despite it now moving onto phones.

The main objective of Snakes and Ladders is to get from the start to the finish by rolling the dice. Simple, right? Well, it is if you land on a ladder and get to skip ahead, but it’s a different story if you land on a slippery snake and have to slither and slide your way back from the way you came.

Basically, the objective is to avoid the snakes, land on the ladders, and get to the finish first. Smartphone Snakes and Ladders is equally as enjoyable when played on a smartphone or tablet as it is when played on a board.


Uno is one of the most popular games ever created, and now that it is online its popularity is only going to grow.

This digital card game can be enjoyed online with friends, or with online matchmaking where you play against a complete stranger.

As you can tell by the name (Uno means ‘one’ in Spanish and Italian) this is a number-based game. The objective is to be the first player to reach 500 points.